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downsizing kennel

I am downsizing my kennel in central Illinois and have 5 AKC registered German Wirehaired Pointers up for sale . All are intact. These GWP's have been hunted extensively at a game farm on pheasants, quail and chuckars. All retrieve t...



GRANVILLE, IL - United States



Female German Shorthaired Pointer

Heidi is a great hunting dog! She is a great pointer and good at retrieving 75% of the time. Well trained with a whistle and collar. She has been on wild pheasant hunts as well as released hunts and does great with both. I raised pheasant t...


Ben Drake

sycamore, IL - United States



3 Year old German Shorthaired Pointer in Colorado

"CHANCE" Chance is a 3 year old intact male ready for his forever hunting family. He is collar conditioned, whoa broke, gun broke, solid on point and retrieves. He is just starting to show he understands the concept hono...


Rick Fitzpatrick

Peyton, CO - United States



Female German Shorthaired Pointer

Heidi is a great hunting dog! She is a great pointer and good at retrieving 75% of the time. Well trained with a whistle and collar. She has been on wild pheasant hunts as well as released hunts and does great with both. I raised pheasant t...


Ben Drake

sycamore, IL - United States



German shorthair female/ FC sire NFC dam

Grace is whoa broke/collar conditioned and force fetched. She will be three in March. She has been hunted on Chukers and Quail. She has as nice of pedigree as you will find.


Jake Coon

Nampa, ID - United States



Started 13-month GSP

I have a 13-month started GSP available. He's a real beauty with lots of natural instincts and very strong dog. I've hunted him a lot and shot 30+ roosters over him this past season. He loves to retrieve. I see too many hunters wit...


Charm Lor

Brooklyn Park, MN - United States



Purebred/AKC Registered German Shorthair Pointer Pup-Started on birds.

I have a 5 month old German Shorthaired Pointer that we bred and raised and I've even started training. I own her mother. Her father, as well as mother both came from Chris Riddell at 6R Upland's Kennels in Grinnell IA and are from ...


Johnny Gardner

Dexter, IA - United States



Need a hunting buddy? We have one that can find the birds for you.

O'Brien's Kennel has some great hunting dogs for sale. We take great care in establishing a solid working-dog foundation while emphasizing the human/dog relationship. Our dogs make great companions in the field and in the home...


Earl Wood

Roseville, CA - United States



Black and white GSP female

Keela Is a very nice female GSP. All white body solid black head. Solid on point, retrieves to hand, loads on command, whoa broke, an exellent companion hunting dog. Very obedient. Great granddaughter of Tonelli's rising son. Hunts h...


Joe Simons

oneill, NE - United States



Male English Setter

Rock is 8 years old is a good hunting dog. He has been hunted on wild birds and also on hunting preserves.He is like his name rock solid on point., backs, works to whistle good, He will retrieve but not to hand. He has really good nose and...


Eddie Malone

Athens, TN - United States




**Ducky has been placed. ** I apologize to anyone who missed the opportunity. We are considered a breeding in 2015 that will feature strong ties to similar genetics, so please check back with us if you have an interest in this direction....


George McMahon

Meriden, KS - United States



Calm Minnesota GSP's Guide dogs 19 months old

Female - Bree has no liver patch on her rump or tail. Hunts big and fast - locks up, and rtrieves to hand quickly. Yeti - fixed male - wish I wouldn't have done that. He's my most reliable. Hunts big, medium speed, methodical. ...


Wayne Mensen

Randall, MN - United States



Started German Wirehair Female

1 yr. old 18 champions in bloodline: Three Devil's Hustler, Ken Vospet, Windy Acres Jessica points, retrieves on land and water, broke to whistle


George Johnson

Pikeville, KY - United States



Started GSP male, 18 months old with field trial win & placements

Peyton is a intact GSP male & decorated pedigree line bred NFC Tonelli's Rising Sun on top and bottom. He slams his birds hard and snappy with good ground speed and a cracking tail over the back. He is trained to handle, going to th...


Steve Chang

Elizabeth, CO - United States



Two English Setters, Good Pedigree

We have one female English Setter, whelped 7/21/11, so she turned a year old a few months ago. Belle is black ticked and has a small frame like her mother. She is registered with AFDSB, and has seen a vet, had shots and currently using F...


Alan Bassette

Oswego, NY - United States



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