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Retriever Training

Debunking Myths About Remote Training Collars

The Waterfowling Dog - Creating A Great Conservation Tool

Before Going to a Professional - An Interview with Amy Dahl

Advanced Marking Drills

Where to Find Training/Hunting Places and Partners to Train With

Double Mark Head-Swinging

The “Other” Standard for Goldens - Evaluating Retrievers and Selecting for Purpose

Preparation for Hunting: Boats, Decoys, and Calls

The Genetics of Color In Labradors

Teaching Retired Guns

The Great Illusion - Blind Retrieves

Evaluating Your Dog Objectively for Advanced Field Work

Force-Fetching Without "The Collar" - Part I

The Three "S"s of Puppy Training: SHORT, SIMPLE and SUCCESSFUL!

Force-Fetching Without "The Collar" - Part II

The Three-Action Introduction – Part One

Puppy Retrieving: Getting Started

The Three Action Introduction - Moving Away from the Handler

Week Three - The Third Action (Becoming Stationary)

Getting Your Puppy to Come Back

Soft Dogs

The Correct Timing of Stimulation

Introducing Puppies to Birds, Water, and Throwers

Training Retrievers Alone

Conflicts in Retriever Training

Steady to Flush

Favourite Set-ups: Picture Perfect Multiple Blinds (with a teaching bonus)

Training Group Etiquette

The Swim-By

Working Traits of the Big Three - The Labrador, The Golden, and The Chesapeake

Stand Alones

Myths and Misconceptions About Retrievers

Handling - Three Handed Casting

How to Get Your Moneys Worth Out of Professional Training

Beginning Electronic Collar Training

Popping - Retriever Training

Retriever Training – Taking an Initial Line

Retriever Training - Blinking Birds - How to Avoid It

Shore-Breaking Your Retriever

Force Fetch

The Channel Concept - Retriever

Spaniel Training

Spaniel Secrets

Too Early To Start

Cockers on the Coast

Hunting Family Companion or Kennel Dog

Catch and Release Upland Style

Training Spaniels for Upland Game

Knowing the Basics for the Field

Training Spaniels for Waterfowl

Puppy Training Gone to the Dogs

Developing and Refining a Spaniels Hunting Pattern - Part I

Refining a Spaniel’s Hunting Pattern - Part II

The Balanced Spaniel

Introduction to Birds - An Interview with David Lauber

Refining the Art of Track and Trail

Proper Puppy Socialization

In Memory of Our Friend and Fellow Springer Lover - Ed Whitaker

Discipline on Running Birds

Proper Introduction to Birds and Gunfire - An Interview with David Lauber

Stacking the Odds For Your Next Gundog

Gundogs & E-Collars

Establishing a Solid Quartering Pattern - An Interview with David Lauber

Gundogs & E-Collars - Part II

Steady to Wing and Shoot an Interview with David Lauber - Part I

Birds and Bird Planting

Steady to Wing and Shot - Part II

Using the Wind - Dog Training

Steadying Blues - An Interview with David Lauber

Wild Pheasants and Field Trial Dogs - Good or Bad?? – Part I

Wild Pheasants and Field Trial Dogs - Good or Bad? - Part II

Hunting with your Spaniel....Putting it all together

Training Tips for the Weekend Warrior

Spaniel Training Tips for the Weekend Warrior

A Great Start

English Springer Spaniel

The 2000 British Cocker Spaniel National Field Trial Championship

Waterfowl Hunting

Keeping Them Warm

The Blind

Late Season Waterfowling

Gearing Up For Goose Hunting

Speaking and Duck Calling

In Search of “The Magical Flute”

A Spring Snowstorm

Goose Hunting

Gearing Up for the 2003 Waterfowl Season

Out Of The Loop And Looking For Help

Duck Call Versatility

Gearing Up for the 2004 Waterfowl Season

Reading the Birds - Duck Hunting

Volume.... Too Much? Not Enough? Where & When?

Decoy Placement for Field Hunting Canada Geese

If you could just teach me to chuckle!

Waterfowl Shotshells

Hunting Canada Geese Over Water

The Right Loads for Ducks

Wing Shooting

Wingshooting Wisdom 101: Shot Size Selection

Wingshooting Wisdom 102: Choke Constriction Choices

Basic Field Care for Gun Dogs

The Joy of the 28 Gauge

It's Not Rocket Science

This is the Good Stuff - Baschieri and Pellegri

Thanks, Coach! The Real Secret to Better Shotgunning

Big News In Small Gauge And Lightweight Shotguns

Acoustic Trauma - How to Avoid It

The Magic of Cast-off

The Light of Pure Heresy.

Caring for the Prairie Gun Dog Afield

Hunting Prairie Potholes

Skeet The Game

The Golden Age of Shotguns

Sporting Clays

Lessons In Shooter Safety

The Return of the Wood Nut

You and the 12-Yard Bird

That Shot-String Thing

Some Pictures Are Worth More Than a Thousand Words - This is One of Them

How To Hit Waterfowl Targets

What in the World is a British Game Gun?

Remington Hevi-Shot "B" .017 Cal

About Water and Quail

Firearms Safety First

Hevi-Steel - It is New, Low Cost, and Effective

The 16 Gauge-- It is Deja Vu All Over Again, Baby!

The Quail Hunter

Hevi-Steel - Low Priced and Effective in the Field

Speed Kills

Federal Cartridge & Wing Shok Plus BSA USA & A New Breed of Smooth Bores

The Case of the Reluctant Eye

2005 SHOT Show Report

The Screw-In or Fixed Choke Challenge - Decisions... Decisions... Decisions

The Great American Sporting Ammunition Crisis

Shooting Glasses Review

You and the .410 Shotgun

Gearing Up for 2005 Hunting Season

How to Be Lucky

Non-Toxic Pheasant Loads

I Love Small Shot

Understanding Payload vs Gauge Size

You and me and the LOP - Length of Pull

Understanding Payload vs. Gauge Size

Hevi-Steel Review

Fueling Your Passion for the 28 Gauge

You and the 12-Yard Bird - Part II

Mossberg Argentina - Torture Testing

Different Kind of Shooting

Grouse, Pheasants and Old Glass

Beeper Collar - Buyers Guide

Dog Training Collars

Stopping on Runners

Preparing a Retriever for Duck Hunting

Pointing Dog Pointers

Teaching Your Dog The A-B-C's

Teaching Backing

Buyer's Guide

Electronic Dog Training Collar Reviews

Electronic Hearing Protection Reviews

Bird Launchers and Dummy Launchers Reviews

Dog Fences Reviews

What in the World is the Tri-Tronics G2 EXP?

Dog First Aid

Field Guide to Dog First Aid - Foot & Pad Injuries / Hypothermia & Frostbite

Hunting Dog Care

What’s the Big Deal About a Simple Mosquito Bite?

Lyme Disease - An Increasing Threat to Dogs and Their Human Companions

Selecting and Bringing Home A Puppy

Progesterone Testing - A Successful Breeder

Cold Weather Care of Dogs

Common Emergencies and Your Dog

George Hickox School of Dog Training

‘Whoa’ Isn’t for the Birds

Right Time, Right Place, Right Start

Ready, Set, Hunt

Ten Commandments of Dog Training

Hunting In Range

Forced Retrieve

Introducing Guns and Birds

Dog Training with Live Birds

The Value of Steadiness

Establishing an Effective Pattern in Hunting Dogs

The Best Bang for Your Buck

Just a Dog

Marking Drills

Field Trials

Developing the Waterfowler

Buyer Beware - When Buying a Hunting Dog

$64K Question - George Hickox

Flea and Tick Control

Parasite Prevention For Dogs Avoid "The Big Three" - Fleas, Ticks & Mosquitoes

Lyme Disease Poses Threat to Dogs

Puppy Care

Hunting Without Insect Pests

Protection From Pests Needed After Swimming

Puppy Care

Fleas - A Bigger Problem Than You Think

Ticks An Ever-Present Danger

Video Transcripts

Dogtra FAQ

Tri-tronics Sport Basic G3 Product Review

The Remote Sit Command

How To Save Money On Birds Used For Training Your Hunting Dog

Advanced Whoa Training With An E-Collar

The Restrained Chase Drill

Using An E-Collar For Whoa Training

Introduction To Honoring A Dog On Point

Introduction To The Whoa Command

Using The Wait Command For Everyday Situations

Imprinting The Right Start For Your Hunting Dog

Teaching Steady To Wing And Shot

The Four Curses Of Dog Training

Handling Your Pups From A Four Wheeler

The Fly-Away Drill For Pointing Dogs

Introducing Your Pointing Dog To Backing

How To Plant Birds For Your Pointing Dog

Introducing Your Dog To Gunfire

An Easy Way To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping

How To Get A Puppy To Stop Biting

Preparing Your Dog For Blind Retrieves

Introducing A Puppy To Cover

Introducing A Puppy To Retrieving

Using a Dog Blind

Desensitizing Your Puppy

Dog Training Collars - Finding the Correct Level of Stimulation

Introduction to Electronic Training Collars

Introducing A Puppy To A Crate

Getting Your Dog In Your Hunting Blind

Teaching Your Hunting Dog the "Hup" or "Sit"

Using A Hand-held Bumper Launcher

Introducing Your Spaniel To Gunfire

Extending Your Spaniel on Marks

Teaching Your Dog Quartering

Honoring A Retrieve

Introduction To Double Marked Retrieves

Teaching Your Spaniel To Retrieve To Hand

How To Plant A Live Bird For Hunting Dog Training

Getting Your Hunting Dog To Retrieve From A Boat

Hunting The Fall Area

Teaching Your Dog To Honor Another Dogs Retrieve

Advanced Platform And Steadiness Training

Extending Your Retriever on Marks

Starting Your Dog on Force Fetching

Place Board Training Part 1 -An Introduction

Place Board Training Part 2 -The Sit, Stay, Come and Go Away Commands

Developing a Strong Flush

Hunting Dogs - Introduction to Gunfire

Introducing a Dog To Blind Retrieves

Teaching Your Dog the Track and Trail Basics

Introducing Your Hunting Dog to Birds

Teaching Your Dog To Be Steady With Platform Training

Teaching Your Dog to Run Straight Lines on Marks and Blinds - Part I

Teaching Your Dog to Run Straight Lines on Marks and Blinds - Part II

Teaching Steady To Shot

Teaching Your Dog The Kennel Command

Introducing Your Dog To Water Retrieves

Feeding Your Hunting Dogs

Using A Treadmill To Exercise Your Dog

Putting On An Electronic Training Collar

Keeping Your Dog Hydrated

How to Pick Up And Hold A Puppy

Fitting an E-Collar

Putting Together A Short Reed Goose Call

Don't Shoot Into Big Flocks

Goose Decoy Spread - Setting Up With The Wind In Your Face

Decoy Placement for Goose Hunting Over Water

Setting A Jerk Rig for Duck Hunting

Short Reed Goose Calling - The Laydown Call

Short Reed Goose Calling Basics

Short Reed Goose Calling - The Cheater Moan

How To Care For A Dogs Torn Ear

Concealing Your Layout Blind

The Differences Between The Polycarbonate And Acrylic Calls

Using Silhouette Decoys with Darrel Wise

A Great Short Reed Goose Call For Kids

Using a Dog Blind by Shawn Stahl

Field Tips On Shooting with Tim Grounds and Tim Bradley

Gear For Your Blind Bag

Caring For Your Dogs Foot Irritation

Calls That Don't Sound Like Geese, But Work

Product Review

Training Setters and other Continental Breeds

Innotek Ducks Unlimited Retriever Trainer® – Model DU RR-300S

EMTTM Gel, The Scientific Breakthrough in Wound Care Technology

Pro-Ears Dimension Series Sporting Clays (DSC)

Innotek Smart Dog SD-100A - Review

The 10-Minute Retriever

Innotek BC-100 - Rechargeable No Bark Collar

Etch-Marc Max 5000

Sport Dog SD-400 Reviews

SportDOG SD-1825 Product Review

Sportdog SD-800 Reviews

Garmin Alpha Review

Garmin DC-50 GPS Collar Review

Garmin Delta Review

Product FAQ's

Bumper Boy FAQ

Product User Guide

SportDog SD-1825 Frequently Asked Questions

How to Program the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-800 Transmitter

How to Program the SportDog Collar Receiver to Operate for 2 Dogs or 3 Dogs

Finding the Correct Level of Intensity for Your Dog Training Collar

How to Test Your SportDOG Collar Using a Test Light

How to Ensure a Proper Fit of the SportDOG Collar Receiver On Your Dog

How to Charge the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-800 Remote Collar Receivers

How to Charge the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-800 Remote Transmitters

How to Turn the SportDOG Collar Receiver ON/OFF

Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-400 and SD-400S

Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-1825

Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-105 and SD-105S

Troubleshooting SportDOG Electronic Collars

How to Reset the SportDOG Collar Receiver to the Remote Transmitter

Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG SD-800

How to Program the SportDOG SD-1825 for 2 Dog Operation

How to Program the SportDOG SD-1825 for 3 to 6-Dog Operation

How to Program the SportDOG SD-1825 Remote Transmitter

How to Adjust the Ranges of Stimulation on the SportDOG SD-1825

How to Interpret the SportDOG SD-1825 Transmitter Indicator Lights

How to Interpret the SportDOG SD-1825 Collar Receiver Indicator Lights

How to Charge the SportDOG SD-1825 Remote Transmitter

How to Charge the SportDOG SD-1825 Collar Receiver

How to Change the SportDOG SD-105 / SD-105S Collar Receiver Batteries

How to Change the SportDOG SD-105/SD-105S Transmitter Batteries

How to Charge the SportDOG NoBark 10R

What You Can Expect When Using the SportDOG 10R Bark Collar

Frequently Asked Questions for the SportDOG NoBark 10R

Troubleshooting for the SportDOG NoBark 10R

How to Switch Modes of Operation for the SportDOG NoBark 10R

Programming your DT Systems H2O Collar to Match Your Transmitter

SportDOG SD-400 / SD-800 User Guides

SportDOG SD-1825 User Guide

SportDOG SD-105 User Guide

How to Program the SD-2525 Remote Transmitter

How to Set Up the Garmin Delta System

How to Attach the Garmin Delta Dog Collar to the Collar Strap

Charging the Garmin Delta Handheld Transmitter

Charging the Garmin Delta System

How to Turn the Garmin Delta System ON/OFF

Charging the Garmin Delta Collar Receiver

Is the Garmin Delta Series Expandable to More than One Dog

How to Pair the Garmin Delta Collars with the Handheld Transmitter

Selecting Which Garmin Delta Dog Collar to Control

What Dog Training Needs to Take Place Before Using the Garmin Delta System

How to Fit the Garmin Delta Collar on your Dog

Garmin Delta Intensity Levels

Garmin Delta Series Modes of Training

How to Choose and Change the Correct Level of Intensity for the Garmin Delta Series

Garmin Delta Sport Bark Correction Mode

Garmin Delta Handheld Transmitter: Specifications

Garmin Delta Dog Collar: Specifications

How to Check the Battery Charge Level of the Garmin Delta Dog Collar

How to Replace the Battery in the Garmin Delta Transmitter

How to Replace the Battery on the Garmin Delta Dog Collar

How to Register your Garmin Delta System

Basic Training Before Using the Garmin Delta

Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Heel

Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Sit and Stay

Garmin's Guide: How to Train your Dog to Come Here

Garmin's Guide: Introducing the Garmin Delta Collar to Your Dog

Garmin's Guide: How to Prevent Collar-Wise Behavior

Garmin's Guide: How to Train the Dog to Heel and Sit While Wearing the Garmin Delta Collar

Garmin's Guide: How to Train the Dog to Come Here While Wearing the Delta Collar

Garmin Delta Series User Guide

Basic Obedience Training Guide by Garmin

Pointing Dog Training

Training with Pop Boxes

Electronic Collar Training

Stimulating Steps with Rick Smith

How to Extend Your Hunting Season with the NSTRA

Getting Your Pointer Ready for Quail Season


Self Backing

The American Brittany Club

Honoring a Dog on Point

Steadying and Honoring – The Finishing Touches

George Hickox's Videos

Upland Hunting

Woodcock Memories

Keeping Your Dog Cool

A Rough Shooting Spaniel

Late Season

Shooting Preserves

Chejudo Roosters

Gun Dogs and Land Trapping

Counting Crows

Early October Hare Hunt

Gun Shy Dogs

Tracking Collar Reviews

Essential Gear For Traveling With Your Bird Dog

Quail Hunting - Then and Now

The Modern History of the 16 Gauge

Prairie Chickens on Tribal Ground

Rosebud Indian Reservation Upland Bird Hunting Report

Mountain Grouse Haven

Wildlife Conservation

The Who’s Who of Conservation Organizations

Field Trialers -- Consider This Our Wake-up Call!

Confessions of a Convert

Taking Political Aim

What Can We Do To Save Our Sport?

The Who’s Who of Conservation Organizations

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance - A Tradition of Serving Sportsmen

Courts Become Battleground for Sportsmen’s Rights

Firearms Injuries Decrease Dramatically

Project HomeSafe

Are Pen-Reared Quail A Disease Threat To Wild Birds?

Selecting a Quail Producer

Accidental Firearm-related Fatalities Drop to All-time Low

National Hunting and Fishing Day Marks Its 34th Year

Sporting Dog Breeders Threatened by U.S. Senate Bill

Johnny House - A Home on the Range

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Approves a New Non-Toxic Shot

Project ChildSafe

President Bush Signs Historic Bill - Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

Young Shotgunners, Coaches Take Aim at Olympics

Breeding Dogs

Breeding World Class Gundogs

Crate Training

Chocolate Lovers -- Read This!!!

Field vs. Show – What’s the Difference?

Canine Pregnancy - What to Expect!

Whelping a Litter -- It’s time!

Postpartum Care

Canine Vaccinations

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

Dog Food and Nutrition

Heat Stroke

Feeding The Gestating And Lactating Dog

High Energy Requirements Of A Large Breed Dog

The Relationship Between Training and Diet

The Ten Commandments of Proper Feeding

Little Things Mean A Lot

Care of and Feeding the Bitch with Pups - Part I

Feeding to Unleash Your Dog’s Potential

Care of and Feeding the Bitch with Pups - Part II

What Pet Food Labels Tell You

Protein: The Myths and the Reality

Comparing Pet Foods

Feeding the Hardworking Dog

A Healthy Start for Your Puppy

Reducing Paw Pad Injuries in Athletic Dogs

Bloat: Identifying Risk Factors and Preventive Measures

The Facts about Neutering and Spaying

Feeding Your Puppy

Traveling With Your Dog

Common Sense Dog Feeding - Reproduction

Housebreaking Your Puppy and Other Basic Training

Allergies in Dogs

Quail Hunting

2002 Quail Unlimited Purina National Championship Dog of the Year Trial

Rick Smith Seminars - Training Center

The Check Cord

What Is Your Dog Telling You?

Puppyhood: Immaturity vs. Capability