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Pro Ears

The Pro-Ears offers three levels of hearing protection.  

Pro-Ears Gold Series
The Gold Series represents the best hearing protection that Pro Ears offers.  The Gold Series uses the patented Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC) technology to compress harmful sounds to a safe level, always give the user the ability to hear their surroundings. Furthermore, the Gold Series features fully enclosed Military Grade Circuit Boards for the ultimate protection. The new GOLD series offers greatly improved Noise Reduction Ratings (NRR) due to improved ProForm ear cushions and the ProTen headband. The new Pro Ears GOLD series also features an LED alert light on each circuit board which let you see how your unit is working. If you're a serious shooter and demand performance from your hearting protection, demand Pro-Ears GOLD. 

Pro-Ears Pro Series
The Pro-Ears Pro Series is a reliable new line of electronic hearing protection. The natural sound of the Pro Series is comparable to the Pro Ears GOLD Series, and is still better than any other electronic hearing protection unit out there on the market. The biggest difference between the Pro Series and the GOLD Series is that the Pro Series has a slightly longer attack time of 5.5 milliseconds versus the 1.5 milliseconds of the GOLD Series. 

Pro-Ears Ultra Series
The Pro Ears Ultra Series are passive hearing protection  made of Dielectric construction and equipped with ProForm Leather Ears Seals. The Pro Ears Ultra Series offers the highest noise reduction available, however, they do not offer electronics which allows you to hear your surroundings like the Gold and Pro Series.  

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Featured Products

  • Pro Ears ProMag GOLD Image
    The ProMag Dimension GOLD model by Pro Ears is an electronic hearing protection designed for high noise situations or shooting in an enclosed area such as indoor ranges, very high caliber loads, demolitions, etc.
    • NRR of 30 dB
    • Full-cup design -ideal for handguns
    • For high noise or shooting indoors
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears ProSlim GOLD Image
    The ProSlim GOLD is a slightly slimmer cup design for those shooters looking for a lower profile muff. The ProSlim by Pro Ears is 7/10 thinner and lighter than the Pro Ears ProMag.
    • NRR of 28 dB
    • Slim-cup design -ideal for handguns/rifles
    • For moderate to high noise levels
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears Stalker GOLD Image
    The Pro Ears Stalker GOLD comes with the internal gain setting to assist in hearing low or distant sounds such as game movement by amplifying low level sounds.
    • NRR of 25
    • Chopped-Cup Design-ideal for rifles/shotguns
    • For Low or Distant Sounds (game movements)
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears Predator GOLD Image
    PREDATOR is a sleek, collapsible muff that will provide years of hard use for the hunter, firearm enthusiast, law enforcement/military professional and light industrial user.
    • NRR of 26 dB
    • Chopped-cup design -ideal for handguns/rifles
    • Harmful noises compress, soft levels amplify
    • Sleek low profile, comfortable, modular design
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears Pro 300 Above the Head Image
    The Pro Ears Pro 300 is designed for the hunter or shooter that is looking for the safety and convenience of DLSC compression technology. Great choice for the shotgun shooter.
    • NRR of 26 dB
    • Chopped-cup design -ideal for shotguns
    • Extremely lightweight and compact
    • DLSC Compression Technology
  • Pro Ears Pro 200 Above the Head Image
    The Pro 200 has a chopped cup design and  fully collapsible headset for compact storage. For hunters, law enforcement professionals, firearms enthusiast, military professionals and light industrial users.
    • NRR of 19
    • Chopped-cup design -ideal for shotguns
    • Clean, crisp natural sound quality
    • DLSC Compression Technology
  • Pro Ears Ultra 33 - GREEN ONLY Image
    Pro Ears Ultra 33 is a passive hearing protection that has the highest noise reduction and is ideal for handgun users. Padded, folding earmuffs are lightweight and extremely comfortable. Color:Green ONLY.
    • NRR: 33 dB
    • Passive Hearing Protection
    • Adjustable Headband
    • Ideal for Handgun users