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Walker Game Ear

For over 25 years Walker’s has developed innovative solutions for hearing protection & enhancement. The Walker’s line of Game Ear products are widely considered the industry standard for shooting protection and safety. With the introduction of advanced digital circuitry & nano tech water repellence, Walker's continues to raise the bar.

Featured Products

  • Walkers Power Muffs - Range Ear + AFT Image
    Walkers Range Ear Power Muffs - Allows you to hear like you have never heard before.  Lightweight and Adjustable headband.  Wind resistant high frequency microphones.
    • NRR: 24 dB
    • Chop Cup Design 
    • Sound Activated Compression  technology
    • AFT - Adjustable FREQ Tuning
    • Hear up to 8 times
  • Walkers Power Muff Quad + AFT Image
    Walkers Power Muff Quad is designed with four individual high frequency response microphones. Each ear cup has a front and rear mounted microphone, covered with a high-density foam windscreen.
    • NRR: 24 dB
    • Chop Side Cup
    • Sound Activated Technology Compression
    • Adjust Frequencies for Personal Preference
    • Lightweight, Adjustable
  • Walkers Digital Game Ear Image
    Walkers Digital Game Ear - incorporates the most technologically advanced circuit available in sound amplification and hearing protection.
    • NRR: 29 dB
    • One-piece unit that fits behind the ear
    • Weight: Less than 1/4 ounce
    • Size: 1.06 inches high, .34 inches wide
  • Walker Game Ear Digital HD-2 Image
    Walker Game Ear Digital HD-2 - A high definition protection and enhancement for hunters and shooters. Two omni direction microphones are located in the front and rear of the unit. 
    • NRR:  29 dB
    • Program omni direction microphones
    • High Definition-adjust sensitivity
    • One-Piece unit that fits behind the ear
    • Weight: Less than 1/4 ounce
  • Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack   Image
    Pro Ears Replacement Battery Pack -For ALL of the models offered. This set of 4 batteries is great to keep on hand for an extra or replacement set. 
    • For Pro Ears and Walker Models
    • 4 batteries included