Imported German Wiredhaired female

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Imported German Wiredhaired female

  Chris Vang

  MN-United States



Grace is a young, talented, intact German Wirehaired Pointer female imported from Germany last year. She is currently 16 months old and weigh 50-55lbs. She has a very tight, dense and hard coat, with none of the soft long hair. She came from one of the top breeding's Europe had to offer. Her sire scored the highest in coat and conformation coupled with impressive hunt test scores, same as her mother.
Grace has been hunting since she was 5 months old and is a natural pointer, tracker, and retrieves to hand. She is well verse with her basic obedience and has been seasoned to the E-collar. She is a remarkable hunter and is a natural when it comes to range and covering a field. She tires very little and will hunt all day. Grace was my full time bird dog during the 2016 pheasant season due to her natural hunting abilities. She has been out to western MN and the entire northern part of Iowa region hunting pheasants. She can be register with any dog registry that accepts FCI imported documents. Please a call for more details and serious inquiries only.

Update: Grace was hunted over by my brother this weekend. She and my brother shot a 2 day limit with pefect retrieve to hand and points.