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Plastic Dog Crate

Plastic Dog Crates are made of durable polypropylene with chrome plated steel door, chrome-plated ventilation side panels, and a leak-proof bottom. They can be assembled without tools and go together in minutes. They are great for housebreaking puppies and the bottom half can be used alone as a pet bed. Plastic dog crates offer the dog privacy and are the only dog kennel approved for airline travel.

Featured Products

  • Mud River Dog Products - Kennel Cover Image
    Mud River Kennel Cover is made of top quality and offers rubber handles and 4 side D-Rings to make loading and securing your dog crate in the back of your truck easier.
    • Water Resistant
    •  2-ply Infused 1200D Material 
    • Lined with Quilted MicroLite3 Insulation
    •  Rubber Handles