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Garmin Dog Collars

On June 24, 2011 it became official....Garmin acquired Tri-tronics Inc. Garmin has always been known as a global leader in the satellite navigation while Tri-tronics has been the foremost leader in designing and manufacturing electronic dog training equipment.  The acquisition has allowed the two companies to develop cutting-edge products that will help dog owners train their dogs more effectively and keep them safe.
In 2007, Garmin revolutionized the sporting dog market with the introduction of the Garmin Astro - the first GPS dog tracking system which allowed hunting dog owners to accurately track the location of their dog while in the field.  This unit consisted of a handheld device that allowed the owner to see the exact location of up to 10 dogs.  Each dog wears a GSP tracking collar which allows for the transmission of its location.  Since that time, Garmin has continued to improve upon the Garmin Astro - their latest release is the Garmin Astro 320 with DC-50 collars.  

In 2012, Garmin and Tri-tronics collaborated to release their first jointly developed product - the Garmin Alpha GPS Tracking and Training Collar.  This system not only allows you to track the location of your dog while in the field but also allows you to control the dog with a built-in training collar.  We are excited for the new products that Garmin and Tri-tronics promise to offer as they change the way we train and keep our dogs safe. 

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