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Since 1968, Tri-Tronics has been devoted to providing the safest, most reliable dog training collars on the market. Tritronics dog collars are known as the premier electronic remote training systems on the market! Tritronics training collars have gone through several generations of collars to stay on the leading edge. More than thirty-five years ago, Tritronics dog collars began with the A1-70 Remote Trainer that delivered one high level of electrical stimulation at about one-quarter mile range. Houndsmen primarily used Tritronics dog collars to keep their dogs off unwanted game. Tritronics dog collars are now manufactured to allow dog handlers the use of either continuous or momentary stimulation with a wide spectrum of intensity and a range of one mile (two miles in the Trashbreaker). Tri-Tronics customer base now ranges from casual trainers to professionals with National award-winning dogs.

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