Elaborate Versatile German Shorthair

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Elaborate Versatile German Shorthair

  Tim Muhr

  1699 County Road 1795
          Jacksonville, Missouri - United States


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Sarg is 19 month old foot hunter’s dream! He will be able to hunt ducks in the morning and hunt upland game in the afternoon. He has an amazingly good temperament and loves to please. Sarg has had lots of training. Sarge is broke to the shot and fall, force broke to retrieve, whoa trained, kennel, load up, sit, stay, heel, steady at your side for waterfowling. Oh and his nose is outstanding. He has the perfect hunting range for the average foot hunter. All of this comes without using an e-collar. This guy is the real deal. He is also a great companion dog. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram Triple Flush Kennel. We can also send other pictures and video.