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Dog Whistles

Whistle training remains one of the most effective means of training your dog. In fact, it has become accepted among dog trainers and companion dog owners who want better control of their dogs at a distance, or in windy conditions. In England, gun dog trainers began using dog whistles to reduce the verbal noise associated with issuing commands to the dogs while hunting. Hunters and trainers alike understand that nothing alarms query like the human voice. As a result, dog whistles where incorporated into many gun dog training programs. An added benefit of using a whistle to train a dog is the fact that high frequencies can be heard at a much greater distance than the human voice. You will see from our selection that we offer all materials and styles to meet your needs. Some are made of metal and some of plastic; you can even find some made from stag or buffalo horn. We recommend purchasing a lanyard.

Acme Dog Whistles

  • Acme 210 Image
    Acme 210 Dog Whistle-3 inches Long-Ultra high pitch, fitted with natural cork ball. Produces the familiar trilling roll of the pea whistle with a frequency that fluctuates by 750 hertz.
    • Color: Black, slender
    • Size: 3 inches long
    • Ultra high pitch, with natural cork ball
  • Acme Stag Horn Image
    Acme Stag Horn Whistles - This distinctive pealess whistle comes with its own uniqueness as color and tone vary with the natural material. 
    • Natural Stag horn material
    • Tone is from Medium to High
    • Perfect for Flushing Dogs
  • Acme Buffalo Horn Image
    Acme Buffalo Horn Whistle - This is the perfect whistle for training spaniels or flushing breeds. They are made from natural buffalo horn. 
    • Traditional spaniel or flushing dog whistle
    • Natural buffalo horn material
    • Each whistle is unique in appearance and pitch
  • Acme Tornado 622 Image
    Acme Tornado 622 Whistle is a medium sized whistle designed with a square mouthpiece for the feel of a larger whistle on a medium sized frame. The tone is high pitch with a deep discord.
    • Color: Black
    • Size: Medium /Square Mouthpiece
    • High Pitch with Deep Discord
  • Acme Tornado 623 Image
    Acme Tornado Whistle 623 is a small sized whistle designed with a square mouthpiece for the feel of a larger whistle on a smaller sized frame. 
    • Color: Black
    • Size: Small Frame, Square Mouthpiece
    • Very High Pitch
  • Acme Tornado 635 Image
    Acme Tornado Dog Whistles 635 is extremely powerful, in pitch and loudness, unique unconventional design.
    • Color: Black
    • Ultra loud & high pitched
    • Excellent medium to far distance whistle
  • Acme Tornado 636  Image
    Acme Tornado Whistle 636 is designed as a top venting whistle which prevents your hand from blocking / muffling the whistle's sound. 
    • Color: Orange
    • PEALESS, Small Frame
    • Good for Cold Weather
    • Top Venting to avoid blocked sound

Roy Gonia and Mega Whistles

  • Roy Gonia Special - Orange Image
    Roy Gonia Special Dog Training Whistle is bright orange and black and is preferred by many professional trial trainers. Its high, shrill tone carries far and trills easily.
    • Roy Gonia WITH CORK PEA
    • Popular retriever training whistle
    • Good close to medium range whistle
  • Roy Gonia Special PEALESS Whistle Image
    Roy Gonia Special offers no pea, which means no trill. Ideal for close range dog work or working with puppies. This whistle is ideal for training in colder months.
    • Roy Gonia PEALESS whistle
    • Orange and Black
    • No pea to freeze in cold
  • Roy Gonia Competition - Clear Image
    Roy Gonia Clear Dog Training Whistle has a high, shrill tone that carries far and trills easily. The pea makes it more consistent and better performing.
    • Clear slightly higher pitched tone
    • Favorite among retriever trainers
    • Good close to medium distance whistle
  • Roy Gonia Commander Image
    Roy Gonia Commander Dog Whistle is designed and manufactured by Lucky Dog Equipment for hunting on heavy weather days. 
    • Lower tone
    • Penetrates fog, snow and rain
    • rubber mouth piece for better grip
  • Mega Whistle with Roy Gonia Special - Orange Image
    Mega Whistle with Roy Gonia Orange Black Special - The bright Roy Gonia orange and black whistle is encased in megaphone that will increase the distance of this whistle. 
    • Preferred by Pro Trainers
    • Common Retriever Whistle
    • Cork Pea
    • Medium to Ultra Long Range
  • Mega Whistle with Roy Gonia Competition - Clear Image
    Mega Whistle with Clear Black Competition Roy Gonia is encased in a megaphone that will increase the distance of this whistle. 
    • Preferred by Pro Trainers
    • Common Retriever Whistle
    • Cork Pea
    • Medium to Ultra Long Range
    • Slightly Higher Pitch vs. Gonia Special Whistle
  • Answer Whistle Pealess Orange Mega w/Roy Gonia Clear Special  Image
    “The Answer” whistle has a high shrill and a penetrating tone for long retrieves during a hunt or in field trials.
    • PEALESS Mega with Pealess Clear Special 
    • High shrill for long distance
    • Orange Mega shell

Silent Dog Whistles

  • Acme Silent Dog Whistle Image
    Silent Dog Whistle is almost inaudible to the human ear, its ultrasonic frequency will carry over great distances.  Imported from England.
    • Fully adjustable
    • Variable pitch and frequency
    • Great long distance whistle
    • Frequencies from 5400 Hz to 12,800 Hz
  • Remington Silent Dog Whistle Image
    This nickel-plated brass dog whistle with adjustable tone is almost inaudible to the human ear, but your dog will hear it loud and clear. 
    • Material:  Nickel-plated brass 
    • Adjustable tone
    • Almost inaudible to the human ear
  • European Silent Dog Whistle #530 Image
    European Silent Dog Whistle is 100% adjustable precision, made of professional quality. 
    • Made with German precision
    • Adjustable pitch
    • Professional quality
    • Dogs can hear it up to 400 yards

Fox 40 Whistle and Others

  • Fox 40 Dog Training Whistle  Image
    Fox 40 Dog Training Whistle eliminates the pea normally needed to produce a “trill. 3 harmonically-turned air chambers create a wave energy called a “beat”. 
    • Color: Black
    • Very loud and highly penetrating “trill”
    • 3 harmonically-turned air chambers
  • Remington Deluxe Whistle with Compass and Thermometer Image
    Remington Deluxe Whistle with Compass and Thermometer not only does it have a clear tone but it contains an accurate thermometer and compass built into the sides.
    • Clear pitch/tone
    • Built-in compass
    • Built-in thermometer
    • Remington Green color
We recommend purchasing a lanyard. These are lengths of braided or knotted cord that allow you to hang your dog whistle around your neck. Lanyards will save you a lot of time scrambling around in pockets!