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Passive Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs

Passive Hearing Protection comes in two forms; ear muffs and ear plugs. Ear muffs fit completely over both ears. They must fit tightly so that sound is blocked from entering the ears. Ear muffs can reduce noise 15-30 dB depending on their design and how well they fit. Disposable Ear plugs on the other hand are placed into the ear canal so that they totally block the canal. They come in various pre-made shapes and sizes, or they can be custom-made by taking an impression of the ear. Like Ear Muffs, Ear plugs can also reduce noise 15-30 dB. Peltor even offers Peltor Hearing Protection in a Worktunes model - radio ear muffs that combine an AM/FM radio with their proven expertise in ear protection.

Ear Inc. Earplugs

    Pro Ears Ultra Series

    • Pro Ears Ultra 26 Image
      The Pro Ears Ultra 26 passive hearing protection is super comfortable with ProForm leather ear cushions and a soft flexible adjustable headband.
      • NRR: 26 dB
      • For Shotgun Shooters
      • Suitable for low to moderate noise environments
      • Thinnest and lightest cup for extended wear
      • Adjustable, padded headband

    Peltor - Ear Muffs, Radio Ear Muffs

    • Peltor Shotgunner-Red Image
      Peltor Shotgunner - Designed and developed especially for the trap and skeet shooter. A stowaway hearing protector with an ultra-low tapered section of the ear cup bottom.
      • NRR: 21 dB, Chop Cup Design
      • For trap/skeet shooters
      • Ultra low tapered cup bottom
    • Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 Image
      Peltor Bullseye Ultimate 10 has a Dual cup design that minimizes resonance in the system and gives a smoother attenuation over the whole frequency range, improving the speech intelligibility.
      • NRR: 29 dB
      • Dual Full Cup Design
      • Improve Speech Sounds
      • Minimizes Resonance
    • Peltor Bulls Eye 9 Image
      Peltor Bulls Eye 9 - This Hearing Protection is perfect for the shooter that needs protection from large caliber firearms and extreme noise. The full cup design muff.
      • NRR: 25 dB, Full cup design
      • Lightweight
      • Cushioned headband
      • Protect vs. large caliber firearms
    • Peltor Work Tunes - Radio Ear Muffs Image
      Peltor WorkTunes Radio headset combines an AM/FM radio with Peltor's proven expertise in ear protection radio. Protect your hearing and listen to your favorite music, sports and talk radio - at the same time with these radio ear muffs!
      • NRR 22 dB, digital muffs
      • Pre-Set up to 10 Different Stations
      • MP3 Compatible, AM/FM Radio
      • Sporting Events, Construction, Landscaping
    • Peltor Shotgunner Behind-The-Head Ear Muff Image
      Peltor Shotgunner Behind-The-Head Ear Muff - If you wear a hat these are the muffs for you.  Added comfort of a back band for hat wearers.
      • NRR: 19 dB, chop cup design
      • For cap and hat wearers
      • Very lightweight (5.3 oz.)
      • Low profile liquid/foam filled ear cushions
    • Peltor ShotGunner-Black Image
      Peltor ShotGunner Hearing Protection offers a low profile to make shooting easier. The tapered cup is ideal for the trap and skeet shooter and helps to reduce gun stock interference.
      • NRR: 21 dB
      • Low Profile, Chop Cup Design
      • For Trap and Skeet Shooters
    • Peltor Junior Hearing Protection Image
      Peltor Junior Hearing Protection is sized for youth & smaller adults.  This unit comes with liquid foam ear cushions and has a padded adjustable SS headband for comfort and support.
      • For Junior or Small Adults
      • Black
      • Low profile cups

    Browning - Ear Muffs

    • Browning Deluxe Hearing Protection Image
      Browning Deluxe Hearing Protection offers shooters a greater noise reduction than other models. They also feature extra-wide headbands with adjustable stainless steel spring wires.

      • NRR: 22 dB
      • Full Cup Design
      • Adjustable stainless steel wires
      • Extra-wide padded headband
    • Browning Low Profile Hearing Protection Image
      Browning Low Profile Hearing Protection is lightweight and compact. It fits behind the head for use with a hat.
      • NRR: 19 dB
      • Lightweight and Compact
      • Low Profile Unit
      • Fits Behind the Head for Hat
    • Browning Compact Hearing Protection Image
      Browning Compact Hearing Protection offers the ultimate in lightweight and comfort. Weighs nearly 50% less than others and can be folded to half-size for easy storage.
      • NRR: 21 dB
      • Chop Side Cup Design
      • Compact, lightweight

    Remington - Ear Muffs

      Ear Plugs and Value Packs

      • Radians Cease Fire Hearing Plugs Image
        Radians Cease Fire Hearing Plugs are noise activated internal baffle technology which reduces impulse noise while still allowing normal conversation.
        • NRR: 7 dB
        • Eliminates plugged up feeling
        • Washable and Reusable
        • Hear conversations without harmful noises
      • Howard Leight Super Foam Ear Plugs Image
        Howard Leight Super Foam Ear Plugs are made with a unique low-pressure foam. Disposable earplugs line offers the most comfort and high protection.
        • NRR: 33 dB
        • Disposable
        • Low pressure foam
        • 100 pairs - Individually wrapped
        • For Shooting Sports/Highly Dangerous Noises
      • Ear Plugs – Remington P-30 Image
        Remington P-30 Ear Plugs are disposable, comfortable, and made of self-adjusting foam. They are tapered and have a smooth surface for easy insertion.
        • NRR: 30 dB
        • Disposable
        • Made of self-adjusting foam
        • Ideal for Shooting and Machinery Noises