1 year old son of CH Erin's Red Rum, BIG NOSE

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1 year old son of CH Erin's Red Rum, BIG NOSE

  Shawn Eisenhauer

  KS-United States



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Buzz is one FABULOUSLY bred young pointer. Coming thru in his genetics is a VERY good nose. Something that didnt come thru though is the big run. Buzz is a short to medium range dog that hunts naturally in the 30-70 yard range. He would run bigger if pushed by running him in front of a truck or UTV in Texas open country if a person wanted to however right now hes trained for foot hunting here in the Midwest. His nose will surprise you. When he goes on point and you have to walk 30 yards to find the bird that a lot of dogs would have missed, youll have a contented smile at the end of the day. Noses like his put a lot more birds in the game bag then regular nosed dogs can.

Buzz is solid whoa broke (stop him anywhere on a dime), whistle trained (1 long blast means here and 2 short blasts and he quarters back across in front of you), here broke, collar conditioned, etc. Not very often a dog with a nose like this comes available. He just doesnt run big enough for us to trial or he wouldnt leave our yard. Call Shawn at 913-839-7086