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Dave Hochman's Bio Page

Dave Hochman
David Hochman was raised in the state of Connecticut. At the age of 38, he lives in Orange, CT with his wife, Christine, their 10-year-old daughter, Jessica, 7-year-old son, Jake and their 3-year-old son, Zak. He spends as much time in the field with his children as they are able and willing. David is a Chiropractor and part of a specialized Spinal Team with a large Orthopedic group, Orthopedic and Sports Medicine in Fairfield, Trumbull, and Shelton, Connecticut. At the age of 5, David started upland hunting with his father. He instantly became obsessed with the sport and would hunt with his dad every chance he had. At the age of 12, he was introduced to waterfowl hunting and today he spends four to five days a week in the field and one month vacation time hunting duck and geese across North America. He is able to keep this schedule as he needs as little as three to four hours sleep a night. Waterfowl hunting is his true passion. He has done it exclusively during the months of September through February for the past 15 years. With this schedule he has refined his waterfowl skills both over water and land and today is one of the most successful waterfowl hunters in the Northeast. David hunts CT, RI, NY, and VT on a regular basis and travels to the West coast, Canada, or Mexico annually. He only hunts freelance. In the spring, he chases turkeys to pass the time. He began guiding for waterfowl at the age of 22. He donates hunting trips annually to youths on CT Youth Day. He is an accomplished duck and goose caller and in 1997 won the CT State Two Man Duck Calling Contest.

David is also a Pro-staff Advisor for Gundogs Online, where he is instrumental in setting the strategic direction for waterfowl content (editorial and audio/video). He is pro-staff for Greg Keats Custom Call, Avery Outdoors and Sporasub (a free diving company). David is also a moderator at Flocknockers, Duck forum and Pawn Shop forum.

In the summer months, David is a competitive free diver and competes in spear fishing competitions throughout the world. Since his first place win in the 1997 CT State Spear Fishing Championship, he has taken the top three places in the MA, CT and RI State Spear Fishing Championships each year. He has won first place in MA 5 out of the past seven years. He has won the Blue Water Invitational twice and the North Atlantic Championship three times. In 1998, he and his three-man team took 3rd place honors in the United States National Spear Fishing Championship. In 2003, David's team took home top honors by winning the United States National Spear Fishing Championship, beating over 130 of the top spear fishing competitors in the USA. He lectures on the Art of free diving, spear fishing and waterfowl hunting throughout the New England area.

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