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Hearing Protection

There are many types of ear protection on the market today; they include ear plugs, ear muffs and electronic hearing protection. The type system you choose depends on your application. If you're looking for ear protection we offer Ear Plugs, Ear Muffs and Electronic Hearing Protection. We stock models from only the most reputable manufacturers - Peltor, Pro Ears, Remington, Ear Inc., and Radian.

Click here to read our Electronic Hearing Protection - Buyers Guide.

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Featured Products

  • Peltor Tactical 6 Stereo  Image
    Peltor Tactical 6 Hearing Protection - Protection from dangerous impulse noise such as gunfire, along with the distortion-free amplification of low level sounds such as range commands and conversation. 
    • NRR - 19 dB
    • Chop Side Cup
    • Dual Volume Control
    • Stereo Hearing, weight: 8.8 oz.
  • Pro Ears Stalker GOLD Image
    The Pro Ears Stalker GOLD comes with the internal gain setting to assist in hearing low or distant sounds such as game movement by amplifying low level sounds.
    • NRR of 25
    • Chopped-Cup Design-ideal for rifles/shotguns
    • For Low or Distant Sounds (game movements)
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Pro Ears ProMag GOLD Image
    The ProMag Dimension GOLD model by Pro Ears is an electronic hearing protection designed for high noise situations or shooting in an enclosed area such as indoor ranges, very high caliber loads, demolitions, etc.
    • NRR of 30 dB
    • Full-cup design -ideal for handguns
    • For high noise or shooting indoors
    • 70 dB gain-amplifying hearing up to 8x
    • Input capabilities for: AM/FM Radio,CD,Electronics
  • Peltor Work Tunes - Radio Ear Muffs Image
    Peltor WorkTunes Radio headset combines an AM/FM radio with Peltor's proven expertise in ear protection radio. Protect your hearing and listen to your favorite music, sports and talk radio - at the same time with these radio ear muffs!
    • NRR 22 dB, digital muffs
    • Pre-Set up to 10 Different Stations
    • MP3 Compatible, AM/FM Radio
    • Sporting Events, Construction, Landscaping
  • Walkers Power Muff Quad + AFT Image
    Walkers Power Muff Quad is designed with four individual high frequency response microphones. Each ear cup has a front and rear mounted microphone, covered with a high-density foam windscreen.
    • NRR: 24 dB
    • Chop Side Cup
    • Sound Activated Technology Compression
    • Adjust Frequencies for Personal Preference
    • Lightweight, Adjustable
  • Browning Deluxe Hearing Protection Image
    Browning Deluxe Hearing Protection offers shooters a greater noise reduction than other models. They also feature extra-wide headbands with adjustable stainless steel spring wires.

    • NRR: 22 dB
    • Full Cup Design
    • Adjustable stainless steel wires
    • Extra-wide padded headband
  • Browning Compact Hearing Protection Image
    Browning Compact Hearing Protection offers the ultimate in lightweight and comfort. Weighs nearly 50% less than others and can be folded to half-size for easy storage.
    • NRR: 21 dB
    • Chop Side Cup Design
    • Compact, lightweight
  • Peltor Junior Hearing Protection Image
    Peltor Junior Hearing Protection is sized for youth & smaller adults.  This unit comes with liquid foam ear cushions and has a padded adjustable SS headband for comfort and support.
    • For Junior or Small Adults
    • Black
    • Low profile cups
  • Radians Cease Fire Hearing Plugs Image
    Radians Cease Fire Hearing Plugs are noise activated internal baffle technology which reduces impulse noise while still allowing normal conversation.
    • NRR: 7 dB
    • Eliminates plugged up feeling
    • Washable and Reusable
    • Hear conversations without harmful noises
  • Pro Ears Foam Ear Plugs Image
    Great reusable plugs, when ear muffs are not required. Two pair of plugs in a convenient carrying case. These plugs are non allergenic and very comfortable. Shaped to fit most users' ear canals.
    • NRR: 29 dB
    • TWO PAIR in a Carrying Case
    • Disposable
    • Comfortable, Non-Allergenic
    • Fits most ear canals

Hearing Protection - Terminology

Noise Reduction Rating - or NRR is the quickest way to determine the level of ear protection a unit offers, the higher the number, the higher the level of protection. Most hearing protection devices offer an NRR ranging from 19dB - 31dB (dB=decibels). For those shooting indoors, under covered ranges or larger calibers, consider something in the range of 24dB - 31dB; these units offer maximum protection. Outdoor shooters have fewer echoes and less sound reverberation and therefore may opt for a lower NRR. Furthermore, some shooters combine ear plugs and ear muffs to achieve even maximum sound reduction. When dual protectors are used, the combined NRR provides approximately 5 decibels more than the higher rated of the two products. For example, using ear plugs (NRR of 29 decibels) with ear muffs (NRR 27) would provide a Noise Reduction Rating of 34 decibels. In most cases, Noise Reduction Rating and the overall style of the cup are directly related. Handgun and rifle shooters who need maximum hearing protection should opt for full cup design, while shotgun shooters and tend to choose the chop cup because the design does not interfere with the mount of their gun and still provides a high level of ear protection. In order to determine effective noise exposure of a person wearing hearing protection, the NRR must be subtracted from the measured sound level (dB) they are exposed to in the field. This method is sometimes referred to as NIOSH method #2. Effective exposure in dB = sound level in dB - NRR. Please note NRR ratings are based on the maximum noise reduction obtained in controlled, ideal laboratory conditions.