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Joint Problems and Hunting Dogs
What Type of Dog Food to Feed Your Puppy Image
What Type of Dog Food to Feed Your Puppy -- Eric Altom, Ph. D, Senior Nutritionist, P&G Professional Pet Care - Eukanuba, talks about the nutritional needs of a hunting dog puppy and what to look for in dog food.
When To Feed Your Dog Image
When To Feed Your Dog -- Eric Altom, Ph. D, Senior Nutritionist, P&G Professional Pet Care - Eukanuba, talks about the correct and and frequency of feeding an performance hunting dog.
Keeping Your Hunting Dog Properly Hydrated Image
Keeping Your Hunting Dog Properly Hydrated -- Eric Altom, Ph. D, Senior Nutritionist, P&G Professional Pet Care - Eukanuba, talks about tips for keeping your dog properly hydrated while hunting or training.

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2 yr old Black Male ~ Directly out of Dare to Dream
2 yr old Black Male ~ Directly out of Dare to Dream "Cosmos"
Background on Tank Tank is directly out of Dare to Dream, Cosmos. The stud fee for the litter was $3,500. He is
   Price: 4,250
   Breeder: Tom Rohwer
   Location: Park Rapids, MN
Shorthair puppies in Oregon. Image
Shorthair puppies in Oregon.
Ridge-Point Duke of Envy x Ridge-Point Pearly Girl Whelped 4/08/16 Duke is a moderate ranging dog with loads
   Price: $600
   Breeder: Justin Risenmay
   Location: Redmond, OR
(TX) DUE 06/07/2016 – All black litter. Sire: FC AFC Trumarc’s Hollandaise, Hips LR-185818G26M-VPI, Eyes LR-PRA845/
   Price: 1,500
   Breeder: Danny Littlejohn
   Location: Longview, TX

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Merck Canine

K9 Thrive

Product Reviews

Electronic Dog Training Collar Reviews
More than 30 years ago, electronic collars made their way into the dog-training scene. However, because the first generation of electronic collars were only capable of delivering one level of stimulation to the dog, they where appropriately nicknamed “shock collars”. These collars required the trainer to select the level of correction by inserting an “intensity plug” into the collar (before putting the collar on the dog for training, once the collar was on the dog they could not change the intensity level). This plug would then cause the collar to emit the same level of stimulation for all corrections issued during the session, regardless of how small or large the infraction – hence the nickname “shock collar”. (Continue)

Electronic Hearing Protection Reviews
The “electronic age” has changed hearing protection for the sportsmen. Technology has not only increased the effectiveness, but it has also made improvements to comfort, size, and amplification. Shooters can now wear units that comfortably fit within the ear canal offering ultimate implications and protection. This guide will walk you through electronic hearing protection jargon, explain the technologies and give insight to the best possible solution for electronic hearing protection. Quality units are available for about $100.00, but if budget is not a concern, advanced protection can be purchased for over $1000.00. (Continue)

Bird Launchers and Dummy Launchers Reviews
Its hard to argue that the technological advancements in dog training over the past 15-20 years has done nothing but help dog trainers advance their dog to new heights. Two products that immediately come to mind are Bird Launchers and Dummy Launchers. (Continue)

Latest Photo Contest Entries

Snowy Day and a Pheasant
Snowy Day and a Pheasant - Youth Day in Wyoming and Ruger our German Wirehaired is bring back a pheasant my son just shot.
Photo by: Tim Trujillo
Gun Dog
Gun Dog - A literal gun dog.
Photo by: L N
Dove Hunting
Dove Hunting - My german shorthair and I were doing some late season dove hunting and I noticed that she looked very picturesque in the tall grass, like a lion in Africa.
Photo by: Robert Dale
Scout JH having a good hunt
Scout JH having a good hunt - A good hunt on my birthday. Scout JH retrieved his first goose. And we bagged a 2 man limit of mixed duck.
Photo by: Tanner Overholser
Best Buds
Best Buds - My son who was 12 at the time of this photo was helping us pack out after a great day of hunting in Idaho 2015
Photo by: Michael Rush
Gunner - Opening Day 2015
Gunner - Opening Day 2015 - 2015 Opening day of California Waterfowl, I draw a good number at Colusa NWR. What a day, from my missing my alarm, my buddy Cory showing up on time to get us in line after saying he wasn't
Photo by: Robert Stoddard

Hunting Dogs Articles

Force Fetch
Force Fetching Retrievers is difficult, especially when you lack experience. When a dog does not respond, do you need to apply more pressure, less pressure, ease up on requirements, shorten the session, or perhaps bear down and keep trying until he gets it? Even experienced trainers can find it hard to read a dog that is doing nothing. (Continue)

Sport Dog SD-400 Reviews
If you're looking for an economical, short range electronic dog collar to do basic obedience and yard work, then the 400 or 400S might be the system for you. For under $175 you get a lot of bang for your buck. The SD400 and SD400S have many features which rival that of the more expensive collars. For example, both collars offer continuous and momentary stimulation, as well as tone. SportDOG currently offers a Two Year Warranty on parts and labor.(Continue)

Establishing a Solid Quartering Pattern - An Interview with David Lauber
Last issue we spent time talking with David Lauber, regarding the introduction of young dogs to gunfire during fieldwork. This issue we will continue our talk, but step back a bit and talk about establishing a strong quartering pattern before shooting over the dog and eventually steadying a young spaniel. (Continue)

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