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Editorial Guidelines
  • Submission Policy
  • Specifications
  • Suggest a Topic

  • Submission Policy consistently strives to provide readers with interesting, useful articles and information about gun dogs. Our focus is on the promotion of all sporting breeds. We have provided the following editorial guidelines, which are intended to make the process of getting material published manageable and straightforward.

    Publication / Submission Schedule:

    January / February Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - December 15th
        Publication Date - January 15th

    March / April Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - February 15th
        Publication Date - March 15th

    May / June Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - April 15th
        Publication Date - May 15th

    July / August Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - June 15th
        Publication Date - July 15th

    September / October Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - August 15th
        Publication Date - September 15th

    November / December Issue:
        Materials Submission Date - October 15th
        Publication Date - November 15th

    Query Letter: requests a thorough, detailed query letter fully outlining your article’s topic. The query letter should be sent before a manuscript is submitted. The query letter should precisely explain your story ideas in an organized manner. Please include any sidebar ideas with your query letter. Queries should be submitted a minimum of 3 months in advance. Editors will do their best to respond to queries as expeditiously as possible.

    Manuscript Acceptance:
    If your article idea is accepted, a cover letter and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) should accompany all final submissions. Please state in your cover letter whether your story is fact or fiction. Please include the author’s name, address, and social security number. A telephone number and email address should also be provided, so we can contact you.

    Although not encouraged, all unsolicited materials will be carefully reviewed, and must include a SASE.

    Please submit your query letters, manuscripts, and photos to:

           P.O. Box 444
           Southbury, CT 06488-0444
           Attn: Managing Editor

           Or email us at:

    Feature Articles:
    A feature article typically runs 1,000 to 1,500 words (excluding sidebars). All feature articles should be accompanied by photographic support.

    Each page of your article should be clearly numbered at the header of the document. The manuscript should be typed and double-spaced, with two spaces after periods. Manuscripts should have at least a one-inch margin on all sides.

    All submitted manuscripts should include both a hardcopy and identical 3.5 floppy disk version of the article. Please indicate software program and version on disk.

    Upon publication of any material, all articles, photos, and disks will be returned, as long as a SASE is included with the submission.

    Editors’ Expectations:
    All submitted material is expected to be well written, spell-checked and proofread by the author for any grammatical errors.

    All assigned work is expected to meet the editors’ standards. follows the Associated Press (AP) Stylebook and The Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) Stylebook. We reserve the right to edit all material accepted for publication. Strict adherence to deadlines is required. Above all, the information needs to be accurate and credible.

    Our Rights: reserves all rights to articles and photographs published on this web site. We also reserve the right to reprint any material. All submitted materials must be properly packaged and insured (if required) for mailing. We are not responsible for damage or loss of submitted materials, including manuscripts, photographs, transparencies, or illustrations due to mailing practices.

    Photographic Requirements: is mainly interested in photographs, which will enhance your manuscript and our online publication. We are looking for a good selection of high-quality photos that support your written topic.

    Your package may contain; color prints (4x6 glossy are preferred), graphic files (JPG, GIF, and BMP) and color transparencies. The photographer’s name, address, and social security number need to appear on the back of each print submitted. For protection purposes, both photos and transparencies should be submitted in archival-type clear plastic sheets.

    If your photo has ever appeared in another publication, please include the name of the publication and the date of its appearance.

    Caption Sheets:
    All submitted photos must be keyed to a numbered caption sheet. Your captions should be detailed and elaborate. Identify all individuals (by full name) in submitted photos. Please make it clear, by way of corresponding numbers on the back of each photo, which captions go with which pictures.

    Model Release Form:
    Any people included in your photographs need to be identified and must sign a model release form. This should be included in your submitted package.

    If your article would benefit from a hand-drawn illustration to clarify your topic, you are welcome to include it. We will do our best to replicate your illustration.

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