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Thunder Equipment Launchers

Thunder Equipment (formally known at Etch-Marc) is a family owned and operated business whose main goal is to provide high quality launchers to aid in your hunting dog training experience. They off a variety of single and multi shot launchers as well as bumpers available in multiple colors. These products are perfect for training your dog for long distance retrieves, field trials, and hunt tests.

Thunder Equipment Remote Launchers (formerly know as Etch-Marc)

  • Thunder T1000 Bumper Launcher Image
    The Thunder T1000 is the smallest 10 shot remote launcher and is made of solid sheet, welded, and power coated aluminum.
    • Approximate Weight: 24 lbs.
    • Approximate Size: 11 in. x 11 in. x 19 in.
    • Comes with launcher and 10 bumpers
    • Shotgun Sound Simulator
  • Thunder 500 Bumper Launcher Image
    The Thunder 500 is the smallest and most inexpensive 5-shot out there on the market. 
    • Approximate Weight: 18 lbs.
    • Approximate Size: 9” x 9” x 18”
    • Comes with launcher and 5 bumpers
    • Shotgun Sound Simulator
  • Thunder 200 2-Shot Launcher Image
    Two shots to aid in advancing your dog, Shotgun sound simulator, Reliable and throws can be varied at your fingertips,  Solid sheet, powder coated aluminum.
    • Approximate Weight: 17 lbs.
    • Approximate Size: 9” x 9” x 18”
    • Comes with launcher and 2 bumpers
    • Shotgun Sound Simulator
  • Thunder 100 Bumper Launcher Image
    The T100 can be used as a bumper thrower and as a shotgun simulator with a sound that can be heard for hundreds of yards.
    • Shotgun Simulator
    • Bumper Launcher
    • Throws bumpers up to 30' high
    • Throws bumpers 0 to 40 yards
  • Thunder Spider Multi Shot Launcher Image
    Multi Shot Launcher shoots 4 shots and is portable and easy to travel with, fitting in the back of a standard truck bed.  This unit can throw bumpers or birds and fires .209 primers.
    • Dimensions: 6 ft x 9 in
    • Weight: 15 lbs.
    • Can shoot 4 shots
    • For Tritronics Remote Release or Dogtra RR
    • Colors: Silver, Green, Marsh Camo or Field Camo 

Thunder Equipment Accessories