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Shed Dog Training

Featured Products

  • Training Your Dog to Hunt for Shed Deer Antlers Image
    Jerry Thoms and Tom Dokken have put together a guide on how to train your dog to hunt for and retrieve antler sheds in the field. 
    • Weight: 0.60 lbs.
    • Teach your dog to hunt for antlers
    • Deer, elk, moose antlers
  • Dokken's Shed Dog Training DVD with Tom Dokken Image
    Tom Dokken takes his Shed Dog Training Techniques and brings them to you and your family.
    • DVD:Training Dog to Find Shed Antlers
    • Information on: Drills, Equipment
    • Sight, Scent, Silhouette Training
    • How to Use the Wind
  • Dokken Shed Dog Rack Rope with Throw Grip Image
    This orange Shed Dog Rack Rope comes with a Throw Grip and can be attached to your shed antler to make the beginning stages of Shed Dog Training a bit easier.  
    • Approximately 7 in. long
    • Rack Rope with Throw Grip
    • Bright orange rope to locate antlers
    • Throw with ease
  • Dokken Shed Antler Silhouette Image
    The Dokken Shed Antler Silhouette is a training and tracking tool that will help in the aid of building confidence in your dog while training him how to track a shed antler. 
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Visual aid during beginning stages of training
    • Build confidence in your dog
  • Dokken Leather Rack Carry Strap Image
    This attractive leather strap with logo can be used as a carrier, holding your antlers with ease or can be used to proudly display your shed antlers in your home. 
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Holds up to 8 antlers
    • Leather Strap Carrier with Logo
  • Dokken Rack Washer with Lid Image
    The Dokken Rack Wash with Lid is used to eliminate or remove unwanted scent from your shed dog training deer antlers.  This is the bucket and lid ONLY. Rack Wash Powder is sold separately.
    • Weight: 4 lbs.
    • Bucket and Lid ONLY
    • Eliminates unwanted scent
  • Dokken Rack Wash Powder Image
    The Dokken Rack Wash is used to remove any unwanted scent from the deer antlers themselves during the training period.
    • Mix concentrated powder with water
    • Remove unwanted scent from antlers
  • Dokken Shed Dog Training Kit Image
    Shed Dog Training Kit puts all of the supplies together in order to train your dog on how to hunt for Shed Deer Antlers.
    • Training Booklet
    • Rack Wax, Training Markers
    • Rack Rope/Power Throw, Wash Powder
    • Leather Rack Carry Strap, Silhouette
    • Rack Washer Bucket with Lid
  • Dokken Rack Training Markers Image
    Use these red shed markers to keep track of the location of sheds when training your dog. 
    • Made of  red vinyl material
    • Keep track of sheds while training
    • Tie markers onto branch to locate antlers