Shed Dog Training

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Shed Dog Training

Featured Products

  • Dokken's Shed Dog Training DVD with Tom Dokken Image
    Tom Dokken takes his Shed Dog Training Techniques and brings them to you and your family.
    • DVD:Training Dog to Find Shed Antlers
    • Information on: Drills, Equipment
    • Sight, Scent, Silhouette Training
    • How to Use the Wind
  • Dokken Shed Antler Silhouette Image
    The Dokken Shed Antler Silhouette is a training and tracking tool that will help in the aid of building confidence in your dog while training him how to track a shed antler. 
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Visual aid during beginning stages of training
    • Build confidence in your dog
  • Dokken Leather Rack Carry Strap Image
    This attractive leather strap with logo can be used as a carrier, holding your antlers with ease or can be used to proudly display your shed antlers in your home. 
    • Weight: 2 lbs.
    • Holds up to 8 antlers
    • Leather Strap Carrier with Logo
  • Dokken Shed Dog Training Kit Image
    Shed Dog Training Kit puts all of the supplies together in order to train your dog on how to hunt for Shed Deer Antlers.
    • Training Booklet
    • Rack Wax, Training Markers
    • Rack Rope/Power Throw, Wash Powder
    • Leather Rack Carry Strap, Silhouette
    • Rack Washer Bucket with Lid
  • Dokken Rack Training Markers Image
    Use these red shed markers to keep track of the location of sheds when training your dog. 
    • Made of  red vinyl material
    • Keep track of sheds while training
    • Tie markers onto branch to locate antlers