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Dog Crates

We carry dog kennels to fit just about every need. Whether you are looking for dog crates for transporting your dogs on the airlines or for house training a puppy, we've got dog kennels for your every need! We only carry dog cages from the leading manufacturers so you can be assured that you will receive only top quality dog crates. We have all sizes and styles of dog cages specifically designed to fit any dog from the largest to the smallest canine. Whatever your dog kennel needs - plastic dog crates or wire dog crates, we have the answer.

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Featured Products

  • Midwest Folding Wire Dog Crates (Black) Image
    Midwest Wire Folding Dog Crate - Folds Suitcase Style in Seconds for Easy Portability. Durable Black Electro-Coat Finish. Independent Pan and Divider Panel.
    • Fold & Carry Design
    • Safe & Secure Slide Bolt Latch(es)
    • Tough, Easy to Clean Plastic Pan
    • Divider Panels Included
  • ProValu 2 Door Wire Crate Image
    This durable wire kennel folds flat for easy storage convenience.This crate includes 2 doors for easy access on two sides of the crate! Classic Black Epoxy Finish. 
    • Dead bolt style latches stay secure
    • Washable, leak-proof plastic pan
    • 2-doors provide convenient access to your pet
    • Convenient Carry Handle
    • Divider Panel included
Dog Crate Buyer’s Guide

What size dog crate should I purchase?
Dog crates come in many types and sizes. Typically the height and length of your dog will determine what size dog kennel you should purchase. The ideal size should enable your dog to stand up, without ducking his head below his shoulders and allow your dog to lie down and stretch to his full body length without being cramped. If you are purchasing a wire dog crate for a new puppy you will want to make sure you purchase a dog kennel divider panel. A divider panel adds versatility to your dog kennel and saves you money by allowing you to adjust the size as your puppy grows. If the crate is too big, he may eliminate in one corner, and then go to another corner to sleep. Purchasing a divider panel helps solve this problem and cuts the housebreaking process time in half!

Wire Dog Crates or Plastic Dog Crates?
Both types to dog crates have their advantages. Wire dog cages have excellent ventilation, are easy to clean and can be purchased in a folding style which makes storage and transportation easy. On the other hand, dog kennels made of plastic offer the dog privacy and are the only dog crates approved for airline travel.

Major Advantages to Using a Dog Crate
Dog kennels, A Place Your Dog Can Call Home –If your dog wishes to get away from the kids or the activity of your family you will find that he will retreat to his dog kennel. Employing the use of a dog crate in your home will provide your dog with a place he can call home.

Home Away from Home
Whether you’re on the road in competition or on vacation, dog crates provide a convenient portable den that offers dogs and owners a safe and stress-free way to travel.

Aid for House Training
Dog kennels can be effective tools when housebreaking your new companion. The underlying reason for this is fairly simple. Dogs normally will not eliminate in the same areas they live. It is important that dog crates are the appropriate size for your dog. If the dog cage is too big, he may soil in it.

Peace of Mind
When unsupervised puppies should be restricted to their dog cages, the kennel can be a valuable tool when you need to run errands or go to work. However, dog crates should not be used to isolate a young puppy for more than 4 hours at a time.