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Canine Pregnancy - What to Expect!
The gestation period for dogs is typically between 58 to 68 days from the day of ovulation, with most pregnant bitches giving birth on or around the 63rd day. Many breeders use the day of the first witnessed “knot” to determine when they can expect puppies. This is typically a good “rule of thumb”, however, a bitch may not ovulate on the first day she stands for a male, causing the puppies to arrive later than the date calculated.(Continue)

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Basic Field Care for Gun Dogs
Many years ago a high school buddy and I spent a Saturday afternoon working his German short hair pointer in a small woodcock covert located in northern New Jersey. Having very little luck, we decided to explore a new area in search of some grouse. Shortly after coming upon an old home site we noticed his dog favoring its front foot which was bleeding. An inspection of the big dog’s foot revealed a large gash just behind the pad. We immediately hiked back to my father’s truck, which was some distance away. (Continue)

Feeding to Unleash Your Dog’s Potential
Mother Nature (natural genetic selection) has been determining which dogs produce the next generation since time began. Man (artificial selection) began determining which animals would produce the next generation a few centuries ago and he continues to do so today. Through refined selection techniques and quantitating the heritability of some traits, performance dogs today have far greater potential and ability than dogs of only a few decades ago.(Continue)

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Keeping Them Warm
Keeping your hunting dog warm and dry, especially during the later part of the hunting season, means knowing the signs of cold-related illnesses and injuries and how to prevent them.(Continue)

Care of and Feeding the Bitch with Pups - Part I
For eons, mother’s milk has been proven to be the best food for newborns. Studies in several species have documented the mechanisms that keep milk high in nutritional value regardless of the condition of the dam.1 These studies verify that a lactating bitch will produce a sufficient quantity of nutritious milk to support her puppies even if her condition deteriorates. For conscientious dog breeders, the challenge is to provide nutrition for the dam that will allow her to not only feed her puppies but also to maintain her own condition. (Continue)

Progesterone Testing - A Successful Breeder
Do you wake up in a cold sweat fearing you have missed a breeding date? Are you feeling stressed as your bitch’s due date approaches? Worried that you are going to waste the last vial of frozen semen from your champion stud?


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Chocolate Lovers -- Read This!!!
I love chocolate! It’s a weakness of mine. I seem to always have an endless supply within arm’s reach, especially around the holidays. Sometimes my wife teases me that I could not live a day without some kind of chocolate fix. I am not sure whether it’s the instant boost I get from the caffeine or the satisfaction I crave from a ’sweet tooth’ I have had since I was a child. (Continue)