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SportDog SD 400 - Field Trainer - Product Reviews

SportDog SD 400 - Field Trainer

Overall Customer Rating:
4.3 out of 5
4.3 out of 5
13 of 15 (87%) reviewers would recommend this product to a friend.
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Provides excellent additional control!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:I have a three year old well-trained Labrador but she just can’t resist the water! That is particularly a problem since our new home is just about half a mile from a lake. Good thing I quickly found a way to solve my problem and all it took was just a short training with the SportDOG SD-400 collar. I just followed the guidelines by letting her wear it all the time such as when she is playing or when she is working. I didn’t even have to go over level one and I only had to correct her twice. Now, I no longer have to worry about having to chase after my dog when she runs off to the pond. I only have to use the beep from time to time. I’m almost finished training my 24-week old puppy and I’m planning to buy another collar when she’s ready to progress to using the collar. The range is impeccable and they are very user-friendly even for newbie users. I am also satisfied with the performance of the battery and my dog most often swims with the collar.
Pros:Satisfied, Impeccable range, Best Batteries, Waterproof
Our dog learned how to listen and walk even without a leash!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:Our dog is very active, loves to dash and scurry around and just doesn’t pay attention to us whenever she is out in the back yard or when she’s not wearing a leash. She is a German shorthaired Pointer and is almost a year old. Before finally resorting to using a dog collar, we tried other methods. They worked just fine inside our home or within the confines of our back yard. But when we go out for walks or when she is out in our front yard without wearing a leash, the methods were not effective. We finally decided to use a dog collar and we chose Sport Dog. Before using it on our dog, we first checked how the stimulus actually felt by testing it on my arm. The stimulus was not painful at all but was actually more of just a tightening feeling. When set at the lowest level, I didn’t feel a thing. So we decided to let our dog use it. The instructional video that came with the collar was extremely useful. We were lucky that our dog quickly learned to respond to almost all commands without wearing a leash after only one or two instances of responses to disobedience. And we used the lowest correction level. She was initially baffled of what was going on but after approximately three days, she quickly recognized that we can administer correction whenever she disobeys us even if we are not anywhere near her. She was now completely obedient! The maximum level we used was 3 but we don’t normally reach that level now unless we are out in a new setting. We will definitely use this product for all dogs that we will own in the future. We are so happy now that we can take our dog to any environment and she still gladly obeys all our commands even if she is not wearing a leash.
Pros:Levels of stimulation
Who says I have a bad dog?
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:Before I decided to finally use the SportDOG SD-400 for my 36-month old Rhodesian ridgeback mix, everything was such a mess. My dog just can’t help but chase other animals and he just won’t listen to me most especially if he is focused onto something else. There was even a time when he ran into park tables and he didn’t hesitate one bit. He was also fond of chasing bikes and big trucks and he used to run away. But now, he is a changed dog! He hasn’t gone back to his old ways and all it took was 2 or 3 nicks from the collar. I’m so happy that I can now take him for a walk without a leash, I can leave him around bicycles, motorcycles and other vehicles and he hasn’t forgotten his training ever. Whenever I sense that he is beginning to feel too feisty, all I have to do is use the beep and the problem goes away. Choosing this collar is worth every penny and every time spent. Training has even helped us revisit the rules that we have neglected during the later stage of our relationship. If your dog is intelligent, I would certainly recommend this collar especially if he has a heightened and persistent sense of preying on other animals. I know my dog knows the rules and commands I’ve taught him. But there are just those crazy moments that pop up.
Pros:Effective, Recommend
Extremely satisfied but I would have liked a higher range
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:Generally, I am very happy with the SportDOG SD-400. You get excellent performance after every charge and whichever variable setting you select gives you great results. In my experience, I never got past level 2 since my dog quickly responded to the collar. Just a few issues though. A designated “off” switch on the transmitter would have been nice. The 1200 feet operating range of the collar seemed enough at first but I wish I have given it another thought when I bought the 400 model. I realized that the 1200 feet is a bit short especially when you add in the factors of the landscape, obstacles and a dog being on a scent. I would have bought the 800 model despite the $25 price difference. So whenever I talk to my friends, I always say that the SD-400 works pretty well but seriously consider buying the 800 which has a wider range. It is better to shell out more bucks and have that extra range than save a small amount but not get the results you want. Go for the SportDOG but get the 800 at the very least.
Pros:Excellent performance, Great results, Good range
The most effective collar!
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Summary:Nothing compares to the SD-400. The other collars I have used were either ineffective to train my border collie or just won’t last long enough to be of any use to me and my dog. Finally, I have found a collar which gets my dog’s attention. The operating range is also very appropriate. My dog has high reverence to the collar and has finally learned that it is better to just obey our voice commands instead of having to deal with the stimulus from the collar.
Pros:Effective, Appropriate range, Stimulus level

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