Master Hunting Gun Dog Training

Helping You Get the Most From Your Hunting Dogs

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Master Hunting Gun Dog Training

  Brian Jackson

  3650 hwy 13
          marion, Iowa - United States



Jackson Kennels has developed a training program for the most discriminating gun dog owner. This is for pointing and flushing gun dogs In 6 to 10 weeks we can turn your gun into a master hunter. It is a comprehensive collar-conditioning program, which will put your gun on the right track to becoming a master hunter.

We start with the basics: sit or whoa, kennel, and here. From there we will go to the field and put the dog on birds, in hunting situation. This allows us to turn the student into a bragging rights gun dog (a dog you’ll be proud to hunt behind).

By the end of this course you’re dog should be able to complete the AKC master hunter test.

We also offer a puppy camp for dogs less than 6 months of age. At this camp we will introduce them to the basic commands, gun and many birds. The camp would be for 3 weeks. We recommend this to dogs that have had no bird experience.

With either training course we would like the owner to come for ½ a day, so that they can learn the command taught to their dog. All training is guarantied to owner satisfaction.

Training is $100 a week, which includes food, board and birds (this would be pigeons and quails, pheasants would be extra). All incidentals cost would be charged to the owner, sure as vet bill, specialty foods, and transport cost.