Tracker Maxima Complete 5000/25 Receiver

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Tracker Maxima Complete 5000/25 Receiver

  Drew Werndli

  AL-United States



This is the New Tracker Maxima Complete Unit.

This receiver was only used a few times........Literally brand new.

Cost new $1,049.00 Will Sell for $785 Firm

5000/25 : Tracks anything in the 216-220 frequency band, stores 25 specific frequencies

Also includes the SMA to BNC Cable, Holster, and Carrying Case.

Tracker's Maxima Complete was developed for tracking in the 216.000 to 220.999 frequency range. The Maxima Complete is based on the same great design as Tracker’s previous field tested and proven receivers.

Tracker still offers the smallest and most durable receiver on the market with integrated folding antenna that can easily be transported and used in the field. The receiver can store up to 100 transmitter frequencies.

Compact, Durable, and Reliable
Tracker created the first pocket sized receiver combining modern micro-electronic design with our unique folding antenna. Weighing less than one pound the Maxima makes tracking from the field an easy option. Made to hold up in the most demanding conditions the on-board antenna is perfect for tracking in most situations.

Bearing to the strongest signal can be detected either audibly or by viewing a graph on the LCD screen.

Integration with Long Range Yagi
The receiver can operate using the standard folding antenna, or a variety of directional (Yagi) and non-directional (Omni) antennas using the SMA connector. When you need to track for extremely long distances, couple your Maxima Complete with Tracker’s Yagi antenna

New Features to the Maxima
The Maxima Complete receiver is the latest generation of Tracker’s Maxima receiver line. Tracker developed the Complete based on feedback from customers who sought to combine the flexibility of the Maxima with several advanced features.

Tracking a Strong Signal
When your signal is overwhelmingly strong, or you are very close to the transmitter the Near mode reduces the sensitivity of the receiver making it easier to set the gain, and pinpoint the exact location of the transmitter.

Frequency Fine Tune
Transmitter frequencies often drift up or down based on temperature, humidity and other external factors. You can now fine tune the frequency by adjusting the new forth digit.