Shur-Flyte Bird Remote Bird Launchers

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Shur-Flyte Bird Remote Bird Launchers

  Carrie Aguas

  ID-United States


Two remote launchers. Tri-tronics electronics included. Great for teaching a double retrieve alone or can be used to teach sit to flush. $1100.00 new! Details from add... " Originally designed to simulate the flush of upland game birds for gundog and hunt test training, the Shur-Flyte has proved to be exceptional at throwing marks. The Shur-Flyte is lightweight and easy to load, capable of throwing birds 30 ft or more. Vary the arc and throwing distance by changing the launch angle. Launches dummies, pigeons, quail, ducks, and pheasants.
Features a built-in live game holder capable of holding approximately 8 pigeons. Expanded metal sides allow ventilation and the spread of scent. If desired, will fire a .209 primer at the time of launch.