Male English Pointer

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Male English Pointer

  Mike Meierhofer

  TX-United States



Buster is a 5-year old male that is a blast to hunt with because his desire to hunt birds is as intense as I’ve ever seen. Buster loves people but loves bird hunting more. I start training my puppies from the day I bring them home and the personal touch really makes a difference. Buster has a great nose, is a very respectful backer, hunts dead and retrieves – been doing it all since 6 months old. Obedient to the whistle (or collar when necessary). My hunting partner and I have had numerous dogs from this breeder – every one of them are outstanding birddogs from high-quality bloodline. You can hunt behind Buster walking or from a mule, truck, etc. Video available to see exactly what you’re getting. Mike – 214-533-4266