Akc English Springer Blk TRI stud

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Akc English Springer Blk TRI stud

  Danielle Speissegger

  721 Seivern Rd
          Wagener, South Carolina - United States




This is an introductory fee for Dudley. He is 1 1/2 yrs old. He is being introduced into the stud breeding. He currently has 2 females from NY visiting him. We will see what he throws then the price will go up. But this is a one time price. After he is proven breeder it goesup. Dud has a lot of tan on his face and legs. He also has tan freckles. He is a great dog to be around. He is still going thru his growing stage so he is only about 30 pounds. his mother is about 45 pounds and his father is about 55 pounds. His father is a beautiful liv/wht. (the adv right below this one) and the mother is blk/wht (tri factored). The fathers hips are OFA certified. The mothers are getting ready to be certified after this litter of pups is gone and shes not in heat. Please contact me or my sister about dudley. for more info. Her number is (803) 564-6248.. mine is below. hope to hear from you.