English Setter Pointer / Is a Great Stud Dog

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English Setter Pointer / Is a Great Stud Dog

  Jennifer Larson

  910 maple st.
          Summit, South Dakota - United States



A 6 yr. old Black & White Male named J.D. is a Big and very good looking, good hard hunter with a good nose. He minds and handles really well. Fair retriever ( Does not always breing the bird to your hand). Runs out medium range, he respects and works well with the collar. Loads and unloads easily. We have had J.D. for 4 years and have hunted him every year. We purchased him for a hunting stud dog. We have raised 3 beautiful litters from him and all of his offspring have had alot of color and spark. Real personable puppies just like J.D. He has a great Havlock pedigree. He loves the water and is a wonderful family dog and loves children. J.D. is an all around good dog. We are needing to sell or trade him, We need a new stud dog because we have kept a few of his daughters and will need a new breeding stud in the near future. We would like to sell or trade for a pup, starter dog or another stud for equal value. Call Blaine 605-881-1188 you might get him in the pheasant field so try more than once.