llewelyn setter for stud

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llewelyn setter for stud

  michael bradshaw

  25393 general thomas highway
          newsoms, Virginia - United States



I have an exceptional setter that loves to hunt and lay beside my recliner when i'm home. He has hunted 1000's of quail and pheasant in Ind., Neb.,Kan., SD.,SC.,NC., and Va. He hunts close,retrieves well, an holds point from dawn til dusk.
He was given to me as a pup by an elderly friend whom never kept up with the bloodline papers but owned either the sire or damm for the past 6 generations.
I dearly want a pup/pups off my dog and have 3 friends that have hunted with Maxx waiting to get their hands on his offspring!!
If you have a female, and you are interested in breeding her, I have the stud for you. He has the bloodlines you need to make great hunting dogs.
email or call soon i am willing to make a deal to get pups off my dog!!!!