Son of 18XCH Elhew

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Son of 18XCH Elhew

  Tod Sisk

  216 Bentons Pleasure Rd.
          Chester, Maryland - United States



Perabo "Gunner" Windswept Farm, is the son of Elhew 18xCH “Enhancement HY Striker” and “Great River Juno” This dog’s pedigree is truly hard to match. 23 American Field Champions in 5 generation. He is also AKC certified. I would like to keep Gunner, but I breed Brittany’s and Gunner is just not being used to his full potential. Gunner is bird crazy and has an excellent nose. He was well breed and the pictures are proof of his class in the field. He is easy to handle and will work close or run big. He’s trained to whistle. He is Whoa trained and is steady to wing, but sometimes breaks on the shot. Gunner also retrieves and likes water. Gunner could easily be finished, but at his age he is probably better suited for someone looking for an exceptional hunting companion with outstanding breeding potential, or possibly a good Preserve dog. I will be happy to send full photographs and pedigree upon request.