4X NSTRA Champion English Setter at Stud

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4X NSTRA Champion English Setter at Stud

  Jim Gourley

          Lincoln, Kansas - United States




Shades is a 50 lbs white/orange male with a dynamic and bold personality. He has an even light orange eye mask with very little body ticking. Shades is an excellent bird finder who has been hunting since the age of 5 months. He has had wild pheasants, quail, prairie chickens, sharptail grouse and woodcock shot over him. He points with a high tail and retrieves to hand on land and water. He can perform blind retrieves. Shades is fast and will thoroughly cover a lot of ground. Very clean in the kennel. Shades is a 4X National Shoot to Retrieve Association champion, 2006 runner up Missouri/Kansas Region champion, 2006 runner-up Missouri/Kansas Region high point dog, and 2007 Missouri/Kansas Hall of Fame Inductee. Shades is primarily a wild bird dog, and competes in NSTRA as well as guided hunts. He is a grandson of Hall of Famer/Champion Tomoka.The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals evaluated Shades' hip joint confirmation as good with no evidence of hip dysplasia. Shades is registered and DNA certified with American Field's Field Dog Stud Book and is available at stud at my kennel for $400, frozen semen for approximately $650. Shades has a 100% success rate in breedings using his fresh chilled semen or frozen semen. I GUARANTEE THE QUALITY AND SALE OF PUPS OF APPROVED FEMALES VIA A PRICE FORMULA.