Trevor: hunt ALL day-relaxed house pet...

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Trevor: hunt ALL day-relaxed house pet...

  Thomas Kerschner

  610 Flin
          DG, Illinois - United States



Trevor is the grandson from an Ebonstar Lean litter, AKC reg. He is five years old.
He is still long and lean, a runner. The overall balance is near perfect.

If you are looking for an easy to train set of pups, Trevor can offer the key to gentle dogs that hunt close to Daddy. He's a "Homer," and wont' stray, yet he will hunt ALL day long.

The first three litters threw all yellow pups. The last litter was all black. Go figure, I understand rc genes, but you just can't call the color of future lab pubs. He is a Proven they say.
Here is what I do know:
1. hips/eyes/teeth perfect-Vet checked:same vet the CPD uses.

2. He will hunt anything with feathers, except crows. He can hold 75 yard retrieves with multiples, in water, in the corn, over a hill, past grandma's house, Trevor will bring it back.

Chicago based, travel often to fish/hunt.