German Short Hair Pointer

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German Short Hair Pointer

  don murray

  3223 howard road
          waxahachie, Texas - United States



Dog type: Stud Dog
Dog breed: German Short Hair Pointer
Gender: male
Dogs Name: Dixieland’s Heart ‘o Texas
Whelped date: 05/01/02
Registrar: AKC
Registration ID: SR02059403

Serious inquires only this dog is in his own class an all-round gentleman’s dog.

Description: white, brown head, spotted and ticked approximately 65 pounds, has right ear cropped.

This dog is out of Dixeland's Smokin Freedom on his second generation Sire and Dixieland's Smoknin Barbara on his second generation Dam.

This is one of the last "true" Dixeland bloodlines left. The "pure" Dixieland bloodline is fading but here you have a "true" Dixieland" bred dog!! This is a great find and a great dog.

You want to hunt him on horseback he will run , if you want to walk he will stay in close. There has not been a dog of this quality in over 10 years time!

You want him to sit with you on the porch and be ready to be your companion hunter he's ready for that too.

Very few dogs can Field Trial as good as "Nate" or be just at home being the family pet/ hunter.

He loves the water and will retreive as good as Lab. Any game bird, any weather, any time "Nate's" ready!

Contact: Don E. Murray
Address: 3223 Howard Road
City: Waxahachie
State: Texas
Postal: 75165
Telephone 972-839-0423 cell
Fax: 972-692-5142

Contact: Don E. Murray
32223 Howard Road
Waxahachie, Texas 75165


See attached pedigree

1. March 2008 1st Place, Heart of America GSPC “Amateur Gun Dog”
2. March 2008 3rd Place, Sunflower GSPC Eureka, Ks “Armature All Age”
3. September 2007 3rd Place, Heart of America Fall Trial, Pony Express “Open Gun Dog”
4. October 2005 2nd Place, Ring Neck GSPC Inc. Spring Field Trial “Open Gun Dog”
5. March 2004 2nd Place, Ozark GSPC Club Inc. “Spring Horseback Trial”
6. March 2004 2nd Place, Ozark GSPC Club Inc. “Armature Walking Derby”
7. March 2004 4th Place, GSPC of Eastern Iowa “Waking Filed Trial”

Hunted every year on “wild birds” quail and pheasant

We don’t use shock collars!, only whistle or bell and call back from “no bird”, dog responds 100%.

Obedience trained, crates perfect, house trained, steady to wing and shot with just a tap on the bottom to retrieve. Will hunt any game bird, loves water, he is exercised three times a week and run on birds every week all year long. This dog has “no holes” probably one of the best hunters and trial runners in the state. He was started late because of the weather extremities of cold and heavy rain in 2003, 2004 and hunted only once in 2007.

DNA Tested kept on heartworm and frontline all year round. Very mild tem permanent, loves other dogs, has never shown aggression of any kind.

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Gun Dog Book