STUD SERVICE / Irish FTCH Labrador Retriever FOR SALE

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STUD SERVICE / Irish FTCH Labrador Retriever FOR SALE


          COUNTY LEITRIM, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND - Republic of Ireland



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This International Gundog and brilliant Irish FTCH has been bred by Mr. Thomas Brady from Northern Ireland.

ALTIQUIN DOGS acquired him in January 2005 and trained him into a Field Trial Champion as of Oct. 2007.

GLENANNE ABEL, kennel name: GIP, is a brilliant casting dog both on marked retrieves and especially on blinds.

He handles sublimely and holds his ground well on a hunt. He is a very very responsive dog.

Gip is a pleasure to be with, a solid, quiet companion with an extremely gentle temperament, especially around young children.

However he is very much an alpha male. In the kennel he is exceedingly quiet, patient, and clean. He is a joy and a treat, with an amazing capacity.

I am better at phone conversations than typing and am willingly to share more of our marvelous training and trialing adventures....

Willing to sell if the price is right.