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Well Started Puppies

  Advent Retrievers

  CA-United States



I have two black 11mo Labrador Retrievers puppies for sale. One male, one female. They are ready to hunt today. Delivery to hand, steady to shot, hand signals, 70 yard triples, honoring and much more. Their father is a 3X double header winner, 2X National finalist, 2013 High Point Amateur Dog, with over 200 AA points. These puppies have been fostered carefully and purposefully since they were born. They are housebroken, get along with children, other dogs, cats and even chickens. They have been trained to also help carry groceries and pick up dropped items to return to you, undamaged. These pups are serious about retrieving and they’re incredibly lovable and eager to please. Nice blind manners and I have hunted them on mountain quail as well.

They will do well for the serious waterfowler(they will pickup geese), hunt testing and field trialing.

Contact me for more videos, picture and more info.