Vermont - Started BLF - 23 months - very driven, awesome nose

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Vermont - Started BLF - 23 months - very driven, awesome nose

  Bob Flaherty

  VT-United States


From champion lines - Ellie is a very sweet, muscular and driven 43 pound black female lab. We picked her up in late October 2016 and she was fully started when we got her.  She was working on the T - was on birds (clipped wing, ducks etc.).  Her water retrieves are pretty clean (Youtube: ).   She’s not gun shy and she did fine the few times we had her in the blind, this past season. The day we picked her up, she went into her 1st heat. We had her spayed in January 2017.

Sadly, we’ve had some life changes and just cannot give her the time and attention she needs. We’re hopeful to place her with someone who will finish her training and get her out in the field. She LOVES to retrieve, has an incredibly strong nose and is very loving with our family.

Pedigree of her older sister is at . (Ellie was bred from the same sire & dam )

Invested over $4K but need to move her to the RIGHT home.