Looking for an older dog

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Looking for an older dog

  Ron McDaniel

  CO-United States



My older dog just passed, and I am looking for a dog that is around 7 or 8 (or just turned 9 and has at least 2 seasons left). I have a 3 year old GSP and I don't want to have my dogs be "too" close in age (then they both get old and pass at the same time and I'm dog less) and I'm not ready for another pup yet. I am looking for a pointing dog preferably, but not mandatory just something that hunts birds and retrieves reasonably well, not a brag dog or anything just a bird dog to rotate with my young one so they are rested. House or Kennel dog is ok. Looking to spend 500-750 depending on the quality and age of the dog (the closer to 7 the better). If you have something close in age and price let me know.