Very Nice 2 Year Old MH Level Female For Sale

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Very Nice 2 Year Old MH Level Female For Sale

  Timmy Suggs

  431 Heritage Road
          Loris, South Carolina - United States


I have a royally bred GSP for sale. She is B&W, line bred Sharp Shooter blood and is steady to wing, shot and fall. She retrieves on command and honors on site. She will heel off leash on command.
She will be an excellent candidate for the AKC hunt tests. She may pass MH level at this time. If not, she is very close. She is being used on my professional guide string currently and if not purchased, I will most likely run her in MH tests before the end of the season. Once she has MH passes, her pricing will of course increase. Her personality is exceptional and the thrives on human attention. Although she currently is not an inside dog, she would be a great candidate to bring inside with her loving personality.
She is an excellent buy at the listed pricing for this quality of dog.