2 Large Munsterlander's

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2 Large Munsterlander's

  Loren Dunbar

  WA-United States




Cabela and Radar are Brother(fixed) and Sister(not fixed) and they are 7 yr old seasoned veterans. They are the SUV of hunting dogs. They point and retrieve like most pointers but they also love water retrieves. Last year these two dogs went hunting only 4 times and this next season does not look any better.I love them and that is why they need to go to a hunter who will hunt them more.

They lived separately for their first 3 years. Then the owners of Radar could no longer keep him and he came to live with us and Cabela. Together they have pointed and retrieved hundreds of birds (all wild) and are in their prime, ready to point and retrieve hundreds more. Pheasant, Quail, Duck and Goose are their specialty but they have also pointed Chukar and Hungarian Partridge.

Last year they were hunted and featured in an article in "Covey Rise" Magazine

They work great as a pair, Cabela works close while Radar works further out. They love to duck hunt and they are used to strong current and icy river retrieves.

My busy schedule is your chance to own two rare and ready to hunt Large Munsterlander's. They are worth much more than the price. They are incredible dogs and deserve more hunts than I can give them.