Yellow Pointing Labrador

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Yellow Pointing Labrador

  William Macreary

  6428 Egypt Valley ne
          Rockford , Michigan - United States



Yellow Lab female born January 20 2010 call name Katie

Used primarily for guiding at a preserve and hunting pheasant out west. Hunted in tandem with 1 or 2 setters most of the time.

Katie is a close range dog 50 to 100 yards most of the time. She hunts to the gun and need very little if any voice commands to stay with you, which works great for pheasant. She has been hunted on Grouse and woodcock and does a good job. Very athletic. She has good speed and stamina. Excellent nose. She is an open female and could be bred.

Katie is fully whoa broke, backs and retrieves to hand. Very fast going after a shot bird and comes back just as fast. Excellent tracker on downed birds and dead bird finder. Katie is trained to enter crate or kennel on the command "kenel" and is trained to leave crate or kennel on her name "Kate".

She is very quiet in the kennel and is fully collar conditioned for both bark collar and e-collar.

She is strictly a upland dog but could be easily trained as a duck dog. Good swimmer.
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