English Setter Neutered Male 6 years old

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English Setter Neutered Male 6 years old

  Kenneth Schweiger

  MI-United States




I have a English Setter male that is a PROFESSIONALLY trained pheasant dog. He is registered with American Field Dog. He is from the kennel of Charlie Linblade, professional dog trainer and his website is www.MichiganWingShooter.com. He has a very good bloodline and people who are familiar with English Setters like his bloodline.
He has been to South Dakota the last 5 years in a row. The reason that he is for sale, is that on Easter Sunday 2013 our hunting farms had a three foot snow fall, which caused a major die off of pheasants. Therefore, I will no longer be hunting and feel this dog is too good to be sitting around and not hunting. He has a terrific temperment, does an excellent job in the field. His hunting standards include hunting in cattails, which is a very tough enviornment for dogs, but that's where the birds were! In grass fields he can point a pheasant at 30 feet. Only one fault I found with the dog, he does NOT retrieve. He will retrieve only one or two birds per hunt in South Dakota. He will hunt for ANYONE. With a group of hunters, he hunts from the left side to the right side of the line until he hits scent and then works it to the bird. He his South Dakota rooster smart. When the pheasants are running on the ground, he will close the gap, point, hold the point, then break the point and move up the line as needed with a running bird. He is a fantastic hunting dog, but NOT a retrieving dog. He has been outside, but he is house trained. When brought in the house, he has NEVER had an accident. He is great with people and children and other dogs. If you have further questions, please email me with subject line English Setter or feel free to call me between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm Michigan time.