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10 Month Started Chocolate Lab Puppy Free!

  Jennifer Broome

  265 North Society Road
          Canterbury, Connecticut - United States




"Bodie" was brought to Labs4rescue in CT when he was 6 months old. His owners surrendered him because he was too active for them. Quinebaug Kennel's trainer Jennifer Sanderson has been fostering him for 4 months along with her husband who is a CT K9 State Trooper. Bodie has been enjoying socializing with their German Shepherd dogs, he has been on a strict schedule of crating, kenneling, playing and training. Bodie LOVES birds! He has been force fetched, e collar conditioned, obedience trained, exposed to guns and loves to work! So why has it been so tough to find him a home!? He needs to work! He is a young active dog that needs exercise, structure and discipline like any good working dog. He does not have any papers and his lineage is unknown. What we do know is that he is young, energetic, loves to learn and needs a loving home. Quinebaug Kennels would be happy to assist with his gun dog work and Bodie could easily hunt this season. His adoption fee from Labs4rescue is $400. Our goal is to simply find him a GREAT home!