Walker Coon Hound

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Walker Coon Hound

  John Griffiths

  745 Wright St.
          Jonesville, Michigan - United States



Lady is a 5.5 year old intact female, registered in PKC,UKC, PR registered with PKC. Lady has the best voice of any dog in the kennel, she is bawl on track and chop on tree, she trees hard and will stay on the tree. She does not run junk, will come to her name or whistle in the woods or around the kennel. Lady is honest on coons, when she trees you can count on a coon in the tree. She is independent she rarely will cover another dog she will go find her own coon. I am selling her to make room in the kennel as I have two young dogs and a pup that I am working with currently and need to sell her to some one that will hunt her.