9 yr old german shorthair - Scooby doo

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9 yr old german shorthair - Scooby doo

  ray Grover Jr

  IA-United States



Scooby is a 9 yr old german shorthair - i got when he was three - the previous owner could not handle him so he had him nutered to "calm" him down - well if did'nt work - scooby ran and hunted birds till he dropped came home and wrecked the house and started over - thats where i came in - scooby knows all the basic commands and hunts like a trooper he has hunted wild and ranch birds and done well on both - he points but is not finsihed - he will fetch when he feals like it but that does not bother me. he is a ponter not a retriver - he is a one man dog - when i first got him he was agressive towards other dogs and would cowerd down around me - i talked to a trainer and he said it sounded like he was abused as a pup - i guess they get like that - anyway i have hunted him with other dogs and never had a problem - he is all business in the field - i do keep a training collar on him but he hunts close when there are birds around. i AKC registered him just because i guess - his perigree is sire: Polsons Tuff enuff. Dam Polson Lotta Patience. breeder dave polson. ( i do not know dave ) scooby is a very big strong dog with good hunting years left in him. there are very few birds left in iowa and only hunted in once in the past two yrs - i'd like him to go to a good home and be hunted - he does kill chickens and ducks and will kill any critter out for a midnight stroll near his dog house - skunks including - when i'm not home for a few days he will try every possable way to get loose and get int trouble - he comes with a extra large vari kennel - tks - i have a few pictures that i can email or post when i get um up-loaded. $400.00 for the dog, $100 for the kennel