Black Pointing Lab Male Ready to go ! Video Available!

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Black Pointing Lab Male Ready to go ! Video Available!

  Troy Benson

  158 Cottonwood
          Cottonwood, Minnesota - United States



CJ is a year old black male with a boat load of skills ! CJ has been hunted on wild birds and points consistenly also having had many birds shot over him in the field and in training. He loves to hunt and is very driven in the field. He has a very crisp solid point and holds it naturally. As a retriever goes he is very driven and very talented. He marks very well and loves to get after it on land or water. CJ comes a from great proven bloodlines his Sire is currently running and placing highly in BDC events and his mother is a proven producer of solid all around hunting dogs ! CJ is about 55-60 lbs he will max out at around 65 when fully developed he is built for speed and endurance. Training competed to this point is obedience, FF , CC, FTP, basic marking concepts. He naturally quarters and hunts HARD in the upland.


Check out our website for videos of him!

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