3 dogs for one price

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3 dogs for one price

  Dusty Cole

  64 W County Rd 250 S
          Paoli, Indiana - United States

  502 523 0708



I have 3 bird dogs for sale. I bought a buddy out that was a guide at a local game farm. I wanted the box and other hunting equipment but not the dogs.

1. 5 yr old grade female. Broke dog and was used to guide with. She does everything well, but only retrieves at times. Sometimes retrieves great and other times not.

2. 3 yr old grade male. Supposed to be able to kill birds with him. Nothing special. Buddy got him after season ended and never hunted him, so I am just relaying what was told about him to my buddy.

3. Registered 1.5 yr old male. Has good papers, but hasn't been messed with. Friendly dog that has good looks.

I will take $400 for all three dogs
located in southern IN