Rock Acre Blackhawk Male

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Rock Acre Blackhawk Male

  Andy Neria

  KS-United States



Hawk is just about 2. He is a nice fancy gundog. He is a son of Blackhawk and Run n Gun Ellie Joe. She is Joe Shadow bred. He's a nice dog. He's bird crazy. He loves to find and point birds. I like the dog pretty well. Unfortunately, he just isn't enough dog for what we like to do. He is an ultra fancy foot hunting gundog. He runs really animated with a good high tail and is a very enthusiastic dog all around. He has a good nose and can find a ton of birds. I am in process of getting him whoa broke now. I have him priced according to his training level honestly. I plan to break the dog out so the longer he stays here the more expensive he will get. I would trade him for a small dog trailer or a nice well bred female pup. A young pup 10 weeks or younger. This will make you a nice birddog for sure. Please contact me for more details or if you want to talk trades. I'd take a nice automatic shotgun too. I'm pretty easy to work with.