3 yr old Male English Setter, Neutered, Has Been Hunted

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3 yr old Male English Setter, Neutered, Has Been Hunted

  Ruth Ryder

  MI-United States

  989 325 1499



Jack is a black and white male, Black patch on left ear and ticking over body. Has hunted pheasants. Outdoor dog. Been around kids, loves attention. Shock collar trained. Has an excellent recall, sits and heals. Learning the Whoa command. He is an outdoor dog, was said to have been indoors before, I am selling him as an outdoor dog, as I can not guruantee that he is house trained. In his kennel, he always potties in the same place, may not be hard to house train. I already have 3 house dogs, I can not have another dog in my house as it is too small.
He has pointed my quail, has hunted pheasants. I have not taken him out myself as I have a toddler, and my husband works very long hours. I am available for visitors to take a look at him, and can send some pictures upon request. If you call, PLEASE leave a message if I do not answer, as I have very poor signal and may not get the call. I check my voice mails frequently.