3 yr Finished Wild Bird Finding Braque du Bourbonnais Female

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3 yr Finished Wild Bird Finding Braque du Bourbonnais Female


  MN-United States



Scout is a 3 year old fully exposed and finished 45lb female Braque du Bourbonnais. She has been hunted on wild birds all her life. She is not a field trial or contest dog. She is a family dog that will find you the toughest and smartest wild birds since that was what she was trained to do.

She is very obedient with her basic commands, crate trained, loads to truck, collar conditioned, house trained, whoa broke, steady to shot, naturally backs, honors other dogs and retrieves to hand. She has not been force fetch because there has never been a need for it. She is very willing to give all she has for a retrieve and has never dropped a bird ever.

She loves the water and will retrieve any down ducks. Her tracking skills are exceptional. I have followed her tracking for over 300 yards and she took me straight into a cat tail bush where I shot a big rooster. Her nose and pointing ability is what makes her stand out from my other dogs. Her point is staunch and her stalking ability will bring you really close to the smartest roosters. She is a medium ranging dog and will work closer depending on the height of the grass.

During early pheasant season when the roosters are dumb and stay in place, Scout will point them all day. In the late season when the birds become more aware of the hunting game, they run instead of flying, Scout will run and point, run and point. She will stay close enough to the roosters to know where they are but will wait for you to come in shooting range. She will not flush until given the "hunt em" command.

She has been on all types of terrain in Minnesota and will find you the toughest birds, guarantee!

We are located in Stacy, MN.