Well Started Female Pointer

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Well Started Female Pointer

  Douglas Jones

  5209 W. 163rd Street
          Stilwell, Kansas - United States



Dixie is a well started female pointer, and is almost 3 years old. She has been collar conditioned, points, retrieves, and has outstanding prey drive. She responds to the commands here (voice and whistle), kennel, heel, and whoa. She responds well to whoa in yard work, but needs work on whoa when pointing birds. Dixie points naturally, with a high head and tail. She will hold point fairly well, certainly long enough to be an effective hunting dog, but will not hold indefinitely. This is not a problem on regular hunting trips, as she hunts fairly close (within 75 yards or so usually), but it makes it difficult to use her when guiding less experienced bird hunters. The reason for selling is simply because I have several other finished bird dogs that I use for guiding, and between work and 3 kids playing sports etc., I do not have time to finish Dixie as she deserves. I have hunted with her quite a bit, and shot many birds over her (including wild pheasant and quail). She retrieves naturally with a soft mouth, and travels well on hunting trips (North Dakota this past year). She is also a very friendly dog and quiet in the kennel, and has great potential. This is a chance to obtain a good dog at a puppy price that will already point, retrieve, and hunt hard for you. Located in middle Georgia. Please call Doug at 770-461-6707 if interested.