german shorthair no papers

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german shorthair no papers

  ron merritt

  228 ranger drive
          elizabethton, Tennessee - United States



I have a well started male g.s.p. for sale or trade.The dog is out of dixie land rusty bloodline,The dad was regestered but the female was never regestered.The dog has a liver head and a white body,with a liver patch about the size of a half dollar,and a liver tail.It will retrieve and has a good nose.It pointed several grouse and a woodcock for me last's a close range dog 30-50 yards it does come when called and is 90% whoa broke,likes to creep on birds when you come up beside it,but will hold them untill you get beside the dog.has a great tempermant and personality,I plan on breeding my female next season and dont have room for it,I have 4 dogs already,this is a good dog.I would take a shotgun or a barrel for a thompson encore in 270 or other cal. in s.s. this is a pict. of the dog last year it pointed this woodcock for me and then retrieved it.